Power of "WE"

April 11-15, 2106

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As you focus on instruction, create engaging aligned lessons, and analyze student data, do not forget, everything you do matters! Don't forget how Cochran started our Key Actions. This is the fourth one: Science. 5th grade struggles and students have huge gaps in their science instruction. Science in writing, reading and math. Of course, reading is imperative. If students can't read then they can't succeed in other subjects. Kinder through second needs to produce readers so I look forward to seeing this six weeks' reading levels because everything you do matters!

It matters that you instil greatness and hope in your students everyday. If you believe they will succeed then that is half the battle. Cochran's students are not the world's great...yet.

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  • Actively Monitor
  • Pick up testing tubs early
  • Sign your tests in and out
  • Post "assistance needed" sign when you are done
  • TerraNova/Supera is a Timed Norm Referenced Test
  • Post Seating Chart and Absentee Forms outside your door
  • No marking bubbles with an "X" to show canceling of answers
  • No bending the test booklets, keep them flat
  • Supera has several samples, only do 1-2 samples NOT all
  • TerraNova Test Booklets have labels on the back with student information, if you don't see a label, you must make sure all student information is bubbled in.
  • Supera Test Booklets DON'T have labels they have Scantron sheets with student information and should be placed inside the booklet at the end of testing. If no scantron sheet is available, you must make sure all student information is bubbled in.


Thank you Cochran Colts!

Our Cochran Charge was a radical shift with success. Our professional teaching staff took further steps this past week toward increasing student and school success by building and sustaining a positive partnership with parents by advancing family and teacher engagement through home visits. With the support of the administrative staff, home visits proved to end the cycle of blame between families and school staff by building respect and trust. Continuous increased communication between families and teachers will result in:

  • Increasing student attendance goal to 98%

  • Increasing student test scores

  • Decreasing suspension and expulsion rates

Coltrageous it’s Contagious!!

Thank you Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Reese, Ms. Nwatchukwu and Ms. Stewart-Brooks for working with the administrative staff to bridge home school connection.


Istation @Cochran2016

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Assessment Completion April 2016

Teachers in K-2nd please remember your students are to be tested monthly. Let's increase this percentage by 55%, by the end of the month! We can... we must! Please let us know how we can help.
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Nancy J. Cochran student's are Youth Art Month winners!

This week the African American Museum @ Fair Park 3536 Grand Ave. Dallas, TX 75210 celebrated Youth Art Month, Dallas ISD.

Check out our 1st year art teacher, Ms. Larry-Boston in action! We are so proud of her and our Wonderful Artist! Let's show them some ColtRagious Love!


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ColtRagious 2016

We have "Caught You Being ColtRagious," and we pause to say Thank You:

1. PreK-5th grade teachers were caught being ColtRagious during your Super90 schedules! Thanks for doing your best, we know on the 4/21st you will Knock the Socks off your teams HOSTED meetings.

2. Nguyen, Shayla you were caught being ColtRagious this week by completing ARDs that were not your own, but you did so ANYWAY! Your willingness to do what is best for all kids is to be commended.

Please share any ColtRagious behavior, you would like to highlight in our next newsletter! No deed is too small!



April is National Autism Awareness Month!

What is Autism?

A developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.

Facts and Statistics

  • About 1 percent of the world population has autism.

  • In the United States it is estimated at 1 in 68 births.

  • More than 3.5 million Americans live with an autism.

  • Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability.

  • It costs more than $8,600 extra per year to educate a student with autism.

  • There is no one symptom or behavior that identifies people with autism, there is no single treatment that will be effective for everyone on the spectrum.


Big shout out to the Volunteers that helped with the Pre-K Round Up event during the week of April 4-8. Mrs. Guadalupe Castillo and Silvia Vasquez.
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This Week at Cochran

  • Monday: No school
  • Tuesday: TerraNova all week; 3rd grade boot camp; Staff Meeting: Momentous
  • Wednesday: 3rd grade boot camp; Tutoring
  • Thursday: Tutoring
  • Friday--Grades 3-5 Student Surveys will take place from 8:00-8:40 a.m; end of six weeks
  • Saturday: Saturday School

Expectations at Cochran

  • Monitor testing like if it was your data
  • 7:40 Arrival
  • Instruction starts at 8am
  • Be on time to drop off and pick up for cafeteria
  • No student left unsupervised
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