Dichotomous Key

By: Preston Draper

Dichotomous Key

1a. Has wings - Wingius birdius

1b. Doesn't have wings - go to 2

2a. Thin line tail - go to 3

2b. Thicker tail - go to 4

3a. Nose is black dot - go to 5

3b. Nose is long - Doggius fattius

4a. Eyes are dots - go to 6

4b. Eyes are lines - Mooius cowius

5a. Has 4 whiskers - Meowius fattius

5b. Has 6 whiskers - Meowius whiskius

5c. Has no whiskers - go to 7

6a. Has a shell - Tortius turtius

6b. Doesn't have a shell - go to 8

7a. Droopy ear - Doggius tinius

7b. Upright ears - Meowius egyptus

8a. Long, droopy ears - Bunnius Hareius

8b. Rounded ears - Doggius poochius