Part of Wisconsin's History

The Wisconsin fur trade, lead mining and lumber industry

The Wisconsin Fur Trade

The fur trade began because the early explorers told tales about how they have a bunch of fur bearing animals and one the French heard about it they traveled to Wisconsin with their steel knives.the fur trade ended because the wild animals almost disappeared so the Indians can no longer hunt because of that. Then days later the fur trade didn't exist except memories.

Lead Mining

Lead mining began because many Indians were in need for lead or to get a job so they could get money. Lead mining ended because most of the people working for lead went to farming and all of the lead was taken by people and days later it was gone.

The Lumber Industry

The lumber industry began because the northern half of Wisconsin was a thick forest and many kinds of trees grew there so there was a lot of lumber there. The lumber industry did not end because it was a very important part of Wisconsin's history.