Nouns and Verbs

By: Julia Jones

Noun Phrases

Noun phrase- a group of words that includes or explains a person, place, thing, and\or idea.

Noun- a person, place, thing, idea

Verb Phrases

Verb phrase- a group of words that include an action and\or linking.

Verb- action or linking

Linking verbs- was, am, is, are, were, being, been

Action verb- running, swimming, talking, etc.


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Articles in the English Language!

Articles- helps define or describe a noun.

Ex- a, an, the (there are only three in the English language.)

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Is "I" a pronoun?

Yes, it is! I is a pronoun because it replaces your name because not many people speak in 3rd person. It also helps with 1st person.

Pronoun- replaces a noun. Ex- she, he, I, it, me, etc.

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Differentiating between a linking verb and an action verb.

An action verb is different than a linking verb because there are only 7 linking verbs and like, 2 million action verbs.
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