The war of 1812

The time period in war of 1812 by jameka harmon

On my perspective on the war of 1812

That in that time is two are going against each other proving which one is better for the people in stead the more higher up people to vote. That each one did what they can do best for the people so what they do is that they come up with some that the people will like trying get reda of the villains and making the new hero reborn. This person said "The Canadian history of the war began with a completely different of hero and villains". That with the america have been teaming up with other county and that the British didn't like is so they have almost disappear entire. In this article this person sate out "In this post modern narrative about American self help the enemy in the war-British-almost disappard entire"

That they said the american are the ones who should won the war.

That the was a time where they got a paper that states they want war but the person who got it didn't want to go into war because of their own people. That one of the article say "American commentators painted the battles of 1812-15 as part of a glorious". And there is some time where the american wont help out. The article sate that 'but there are fournistinet versions of the Americans. Some people sated that the british are the ones who should won the war like for the article sate that " The British historiography of the war of 1812 has generally consisted of short chapters squeezed between the ground sweeping narrative of the napless wars.