Spectacular West

Come to are Region


The west is near the pacific ocean, and west from the Midwest and Southwest.Also the climate is droughts,floods,stormy,hot,and sunny.

The states in the region

California,Utah,Idaho,Colorado,Washington,Nevada,OregonArizona,New Mexico,Wyoming, and Montana.


Fact And Attraction

The Gold Rush

The gold rush was located in California.It attracted ten thousands Latina America,Europe,Australia,and Asia.When people returned home,people would be rich,or some would come back with most likely originally stared with.

6 Flags Magic Mountain

Is a place to ride rides,eat,and shop.Some rides are:Dive Devil,Roaring Rapids,and X2.

Some places to eat are:SnacK'N Shack,Soda Shack,and Katy's Kettle.

Some places to shop are:Sierra Treats,Flags,and DC UNIVERSE Store.