7-12 ELA Newsletter

May 2015

Flippen Curriculum Updates

We still have seats available. Please let me know if you plan on attending. The Flippen Group will help to evaluate and strengthen our current curriculum. I have a seat reserved for all those who have already responded.
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Semester Exams

It is time to start having conversations about semester exams during PLCs. Please take some time to look at the level of each question along with the assessed TEKS. Remember that the exam should be a reflection of the curriculum and skills taught throughout the course and should contain a combination of higher and lower level Bloom’s questions. Teachers should also work to intentionally collaborate, modify, and accommodate exams for SPED purposes with their co-teachers in a timely manner. Please do not wait until the last minute to include them on this material.

Please have teachers email me one copy of the team exam, exam key and coded TEKS by Friday, May 22nd. This will hopefully allow teachers plenty of time to meet, discuss, and finalize their plans before reviews begin to take place with students.

Librarian Updates

Skyping Authors

Authors Who Skype (or have Skyped) Listly by Naomi Bates

A compilation of YA authors who Skype

Young Adult Lit for your Ear Buds

The 2015 Sync Free Summer Audio Books are just around the corner. Look below at all the great free audio books you can download this summer. Please share this information with your campus staff and students as it is free to everyone.

Adiofile Sync presents the 2015 SYNC Audiobook Downloads.