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Why did England claim France during the 100 years war

Secondary source

The King of England Edward III claimed the English throne because her mother Isabella was the sister to the dead King of France Charles IV. The war lasted 116 years and it destroyed land and brought the governments to add more taxes to pay for the war. During this war the English possessions in France first increased and then decreased. In the France won and the peace treaty stated that England would keep the city of Calais. This war didn't bring anything to both the countries but stimulated the peasant revolts.

Reasons to revolt

- the king of france was dead and as he had no successors, the closest related was the king of England

- England already had land in France

- The two kingdoms hated each other.

Primary Source

Map of the 100 years war

England's possessions

England's possessions in France before, during and after the 100 years war.

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Peace Treaty

England conquered Calais but on the other hand lost all of it's possessions.