By Caleb Hammons

The Basics of Judaism

The followers of this religion are called Jews. Their religion believes in the teachings and laws of the Torah, which is the holy book. Some traditions are only eating Kosher foods, no pork, shellfish, or mixing of dairy and meat products. Bar (boys) Mitsvah at age 13 or Bat (girl) Mitsvah at age 12, this means that these children are full members of the congregation. Some of the traditions celebrated are Rosh Hashanah, which is the celebration of a new year so Jews fast (don't eat or drink). Yom Kippur is when the fasting ends. Passover is the celebration of the liberation of Jewish slaves in Egypt. Finally, Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of oil lasting 8 days when there was only enough for 1 day. Jews worship in synagogues, where the rabbi leads them in the teachings of the Torah. The holy city is Jerusalem, where the very first Jewish temple was created. Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic all believe in the religious figure Abraham. They all believed that their god was the one and only god that created absolutely everything.