Brandon Bryant: Biography

Personal Life

Brandon Eddie Bryant was born Friday, November 15th, 1996 at 9:30 AM. His hometown is Virginia Beach, Virginia. He has many pets at home. He has one dog, three cats, four fish, and a wildebeest! His parents are Greta and Reginald and they are almost as old as grandparents normally are!


Brandon is a very weird, basic person. His favorite foods are collard greens and fried chicken. His favorite drink is organic apple cider vinegar. His favorite television show is Gossip Girl (he said he is team Serena all day). His favorite singer is a rising country star named Tammie Davis whom is sponsored by Bojangles and his favorite rapper is Soulja Boy. He even has a favorite white girl! Which is of course, me!

Hobbies/Random Facts

Brandon has many odd and annoying hobbies. He loves to whistle irritating tunes over and over again all day no matter how many times you ask him to stop. He also loves to obnoxiously laugh very loudly even if the thing he's laughing at isn't that funny. He also loves to sing, specifically Sam Smith (even though he sounds terrible and is always off key). In his free time he likes to play his violin or go to work. He really enjoys working with chicken all day at Bojangles.
With the money that Brandon makes from work, he likes to spend it on random pointless stuff such as expensive water. He also has to save some of his money for gas because he drives a minivan (which is a gas guzzler). One of his bad habits is that he is ALWAYS having an attitude and rolling his eyes at someone (so rude, I know)! He even also has a celebrity look-alike which is Childish Gambino! He says that people even call him "Childish Brandino".