Jonathan Eskew-Martin

A Man with a Plan!

About Me

My name is Jonathan Eskew-Martin and I am a freshman at the College of Charleston.

I plan to pursue a major in Secondary Education and Chemistry so I can teach after college. Another person goal I hope to achieve is to finish my degree in 3 calendar years.

I don't like to claim anyone as my best friend because that puts a verbal hinderance on the other great people who have impacted my life and also doesn't leave any room for the new people who may enter my life. I do have many friends that I have grown close too. First off, my friends Isaiah and Emmanuel. They are twin brothers so I like to think together we make triplets. Another one of my good friends is Rekita, who is so crazy that she helps me keep my sanity. Gotta love her thought.

I chose the College of Charleston because it has a great education and chemistry double major program. Along with the academic highlights, CofC is working towards diversity and I just love the location of Charleston and what the city has to offer. The decision was impacted by my mom who is one of my most important people who is also a CofC alumni.

I hope this class helps me become more artistic and helps me use some learning techniques in the classroom in the future.