Do you want to find out about economists? Let's go!

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What Are Economists?

The first question that might pop into your head is "What are ecologists?" Well, if you must know, ecologists are people who are experts in economics. Do you still not understand what they do? Then read on!

What Do Economists Do?

Now that you're here we can explain what economists do. Economists study the production and distribution of resources, goods, and services. Economists do research by preparing surveys to collect data and figure out what they mean. Another amazing thing about economists is how they can forecast the future economy. Economists study jobs, prices, taxes, interest rates, and stock market. This is not all they do, though. Other economists may study money and the baking system. The most important part of their job, though, is to record their research.

What Are Their Working Conditions?

Economists can work for the government to help them figure out policies related to taxes, trade with other countries, and the minimum wage, along with other topics. Other economists work for businesses, helping them figure out what to sell and at what price. Most economist work alone in an office. Most work full time, but some workers still have to work overtime to meet their deadlines.

How Much Training And Education Is Needed To Be An Economist?

If you are interested in being an economist, you must have an advanced degree. Some entry-levels are available with a bachelor's degree.

How Much Money Does Economists Make?

The median pay for economists is $89,450 per year with $43 per hour.