Marvelous Malaysia

The Amazing Malaysia


Malaysia is tropical very hot and humid. The average temperature all year is 27 degrees Celsius except in the mountains where it is chili. There are to seasons rainy and dry. May to September dry November to March rainy.


The population of Malaysia in 2010 was 26,160,256

The Capital City

The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. It has over 1 million people.

System of Government

There is a constitutional monarchy it does not rule the country thats the prime ministers job. There are councils for local areas.


The Petronas Towers and the Batu Caves are main attractions for Malaysia. Malaysia is a peninsula country. There is a mountain range going half way down the peninsula . Kl is 329,751 square miles. Mount kinabalu is 4,101 meteres the highest mountain in South East Asia.

Crops and Agriculture.

Rubber is an important industry to Malaysia. East Malaysia is dependent on hunting, fishing and farming. Rice is an important food source.

Natural Resources

Tin was once a resource commonly found in malaysia. Oil is found mostly everywhere in malaysia. It has a very big oil company named Petronas.

By: Ethan and Shivya