High Security Doors


Features of Acoustic Doors

If you do not want to bother your neighbours with the loud music of your home music system, consider installing acoustic doors in your house. Acoustic doors are also used in concert halls and audio recording studios to prevent sound from escaping. Moreover, the stringent noise pollution related legislation has increased the demand for acoustic doors in domestic and commercial properties.

Acoustic doors, also known as soundproof doors, comprises of heavy framed door leaves with appropriate insulation to obstruct transmission of sound through the surface of the door. The doors are graded according to the quality of their soundproof construction. These doors come in different styles. However, the best quality acoustic doors are constructed with steel and equipped with an array of security and fire resistant features.

Acoustic Door Designs

An acoustic door looks like any other standard steel door. However, they boast of a more robust construction. The common acoustic door designs include single door, double door and leaf and half entry door. With appropriate locking system, the doors can be customized to fit into different types of openings. Acoustic doors with single leaf are up to 2700mm high and 1200mm wide, whereas the double doors are up to 2700 mm high and 2400 mm wide. There are also a variety of coloured finish options. While painting the door, it helps to apply powder coated coloured finishes for better protection from weather elements.

Soundproof Features of Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors come with thick door leaf to block transmission of sound through the door surface. The 52mm thick core of the door comprises of plasterboard, mineral fiber and rubberized sheet. In addition, acoustic seals are integrated to prevent sound and vibration from escaping a room. A standard acoustic door can cause 22dB sound reduction, whereas premier acoustic doors can cut sound by 42 to 54dB.

Other Features of Acoustic Doors

Good quality acoustic doors are usually constructed with 1.2mm thick corrosion resistant steel. The steel leaf is combined with corrosion resistant steel doorframe and stainless steel hinges to create attractive and durable doors. You can choose a fire or a non-fire rated acoustic door model. However, to facilitate safe egress in the event of a fire, it is always advisable to install an acoustic door with appropriate fire rating. An acoustic door also comes with different security options. Doors can be customized to include magnetic locks, door stays, door closers and other anti-burglary hardware.

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Features of Communal Doors

Public buildings need strong and durable communal doors that can protect the properties from vandalism. These high security doors are designed according to the strict safety codes. Apart from protecting the vulnerable break-in points in offices, apartment blocks and schools, communal doors with appropriate fire ratings also serve as fire exit doors.

Good quality communal doors comprising of strong steel door leaves are fitted with multi locking system that can avert forceful entry. The fire rating keeps fire away from the door, allowing safe exit in the event of a fire.

Communal Door Features


Communal doors come in three styles – single door, double door and leaf and half door. The communal door design most appropriate for a public building depends on the dimensions of the egress points. Regardless of size and style, the high security communal doors share similar construction and other safety features.

Door Leaf

The double-skinned door leaf of a high security communal door is constructed with 1.5mm thick steel. To protect the steel from the corrosive weather elements, the door leaf is wrapped in Zintec coating. For added strength, bonded dufaylite honeycomb infill is integrated in the 45mm thick core of the door. The double pan style of construction adds to the rigidity of the steel door. Moreover, to prevent burglars from forcefully opening the door with the help of crowbars and other tools, an anti-jemmy strip is included in the leading edge of the door. You can also opt for communal doors with rock wool insulation integrated in the door leaf for superior fire protection.

Door Frames and Hinges

The doorframes of communal doors are designed to support the strong and durable door leaf. A high-security communal door requires frames constructed with 2mm thick steel treated with Zintec. The corrosion resistant coating helps to increase the durability of the frame. The DDA approved full-length stainless steel piano hinge system of the high security communal door is designed to keep the door leaf in place despite application of physical and mechanical force.


A corrosion resistant finish is a standard feature of communal doors. The powder coated colour finish can retain the original appearance of the door for several years. However, customers also have an option for ordering communal doors with grey prima finish, which should be painted within a day or two after installation.


The Secured by Design certified PAS 23/24 compliant communal doors come with electro magnetic locks and heavy-duty door closers.

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Protect your Property with ENV 1627 Level 5 Doors

The type of high security door ideal for your house or office depends on the level of burglary of vandalism risk to your property. A standard security door, designed to withstand physical force or forces applied by conventional burglary tools, is suitable for domestic and commercial buildings that have a low risk of burglary. However, if your property is vulnerable to break-ins, you may consider installing a high security door that offers the maximum level of protection.

For extremely high level of protection, consider installing ENV 1627 Level 5 Doors. The ENV 1627 certificates are awarded to high security doors that satisfy the rigorous European Test code.

What are ENV 1627 Level 5 Doors?

The different levels of the test code indicate the ability of the doors to withstand varying levels of force. The level 1 is the first or the basic ENV 1627 test level that tests the ability of the door to resist physical and basic mechanical forces. The ENV 1627 Level 5 certified doors can withstand a wide range of forces. With a minimum door weight of 300 kg, these high security doors can resist medium to high-risk forced entry. The locked door cannot be forced open with electric saws and other heavy duty drilling equipment. Moreover, they are also resistant to explosives.

ENV 1627 Level 5 Doors Styles

ENV 1627 Level 5 doors come with single leaf or double leaves. Available in a variety of finishes, the single doors can fit into openings 2900 mm high and 1390 mm wide and the double doors are designed to cover egress points 2900 mm high and 2600 mm wide. It is advisable to buy doors with anti-corrosion powder coated finish.

ENV 1627 Level 5 Door Features

The door leaf of ENV 1627 Level 5 certified doors are constructed with 1.5mm thick steel, treated with corrosion resistant Zintec. The doorframe is also made with Zintec treated steel. The 1.6mm thick steel frame can resist a wide range of force applied by different burglary tools. To meet the stringent security code, solid timber core is integrated in the steel leaf. In addition, stainless steel anti-jemmy strip is included in the door leaf to prevent burglars from opening the door with the help of crowbars and other common burglary tools. Stainless steel dog bolts and hinges add to the security features of the high security door.

ENV 1627 Level 5 Door Locking System

The drill resistant sash locks cannot be forced open with even electric powered burglary tools. To improve the high security locking feature of the door further, high security panic hardware can be included in the door design.

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Types of Fire Exit Doors

Fire exist doors are designed to resist fire to facilitate safe exit. However, this important egress point of a building is also one of the most vulnerable areas of a property. It is a common point of break-ins. To prevent forceful entry through the fire exit doors, good quality fire exit doors are equipped with hardware and fittings that can withstand physical and mechanical forces applied on the door leaf with common burglary tools.

High security door elements are frequently included in the fire exit door designs. The fire entry doors can be customized to suit different areas and requirements. They usually come in three styles – single door, double door and leaf and a half door.

Types of Fire Exit Doors

Single Door

The single fire exist doors feature double-skinned door leaf. The corrosion resistant heavy-duty steel door leaf is constructed with 1.5 or 2mm thick steel. However, you can also opt for the standard 1.2mm thick steel door leaf, which is robust and highly durable. Multiple stainless steel hinges and solid steel dog bolts are incorporated in the door design. The doors come with powder coated coloured finish that lasts for several years.

Double Door

The double leaf fire exit doors feature similar hardware components and finish as the single leaf doors. You can buy standard fire exit doors with 1.2 mm thick steel leaf or robust high-grade doors constructed with 1.5 and 2mm thick steel. The double pan construction of the door leaf adds to its strength. For additional safety, you can opt for a double leaf fire exit door with bonded dufaylite honeycomb core that prevents the door leaf from twisting. To protect the fire rated door from heat, rock wool insulation can be integrated in the door design. You can opt for anti corrosion finish to sustain the original appearance of the fire exit doors.

Leaf and Half Door

The leaf and half fire exit door is as robust and durable as the single and double doors. Just as the other fire exit door designs, it also comes with double-skinned door leaf constructed with standard or heavy-duty steel. With premier quality hinges and option for integrating bonded dufaylite honeycomb core and rock wool insulation in the door leaf, the fire exit door is suitable for all types of properties.

The certified fire rated doors are designed according to the strict fire loss prevention codes to hold back a fire. A good quality fire rated door boasts of 240 minutes minimum fire rating.

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