Recount Stories

I can recount stories.

Read the story below.

Red Leaves

Dan's favorite aunt was nicknamed Aunt Red. She was called Red because of her hair. It was as red as a fire engine. When Dan was a baby, Aunt Red sent a gift, a little tree. The note with it said, "May Dan and this tree both grow up strong and healthy."

The tree grew as Dan grew. Its trunk was as straight as an arrow. Its branches reached for the sky. Each autumn, its leaves turned a bright red.

Aunt Red lived far away and didn't get to see the tree. But this year she was coming for a visit in October. That was when the tree wore its bright red jacket! Dan couldn't wait for her to see the tree dressed in red. Then two days before Aunt Red came, wind blew all the bright red leaves off the tree!

Dan was sad, but then a lightbulb glowed above his head. He had come up with a great idea. He pressed the reddest leaves in wax paper. Then he made a rubbing on the tree's trunk and drew branches on it. He taped the waxed leaves to the branches. Then he taped his tree to a window.

When Aunt Red arrived, she saw Dan's tree and the real tree without its leaves. She knew how hard Dan had worked. It touched her heart. She knew that both the tree and Dan were growing up well.

Your Task

Use the strategy Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then to recount the above story.