St James' School Term 2 Week 6

Newsletter 9 June 2021

Our Vision: To grow Catholic, Christian young people,

who are confident, connected lifelong learners, inspired by the teachings of Jesus,

and who make a positive difference in their community.

Kia ora Koutou

We are into Week 6 of our 10 week Term 2. I would like to thank everyone for keeping your learners home when they are unwell - this is much appreciated by all.

Cultural Contacts - We are currently looking for a member of our Indian whanau to be a Cultural Contact. This is not an onerous duty, it involves being a liaison with new Indian families, supporting them should they have questions about our school and community. We acknowledge Nivin Pappu and his family for their service in this role to our community. Please contact me if you are able to assist in this area.

Thank you - we are grateful to the PTFA for coordinating the Pentecost cakes we enjoyed. A lovely way to celebrate the Church’s birthday.

Last year we joined the House of Science, Horowhenua and began borrowing their science kits. Staff can book a kit for a week or fortnight and use it in class to complete science learning activities. This week LS6 and LS5 both have kits booked. Watch out for teachers/learners sharing learning on SeeSaw. Ask your LS5 or 6 learners what science learning they have been doing.

We congratulate our Learning Resource Manager Nicci Smith who is taking part in the annual ReALM librarians day to be held at Massey next week. And this week we acknowledge our St James' Support staff for all the work they doing enabling learners to learn - Support Staff Week 2021.

Ngā Manaakitanga

Tom Sheehan

Te Mahuri Team - LS 7,8,9 and 10 - visit the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

Last Tuesday and Thursday Te Mahuri went to the Cathedral as part of our Church unit. We learnt about the history of the church and the roles and responsibilities of members of the church. We had lots of fun meeting new people, seeing the carvings and artworks and exploring the offices. Thank you to Kate Bell for sharing your wealth of knowledge. We are so grateful for all that you taught us. Thank you also to all the members at the dioscesan office who opened your doors and shared your role with us. We are also very grateful for the parent helpers who joined us on this trip.

Catholic Special Character

St James' led School Mass - Sunday 13 June, 9:30am, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.

* Please join us in celebrating Mass together, as a St James' school community.

* Please wear school uniform, as a sign of solidarity and pride.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

First Eucharist/ First Holy Communion- First Communion continues this Sunday with 9.30 am mass followed by a combined session for families over in the Diocesan Centre (this is for the year 4 children who received Reconciliation earlier in the year!)

For more information, please contact Kate Bell

Scripture Reading
- Congratulations to our talented and courageous learners, Mia and Darren, who represented St James at this year's Scripture Reading competition at St Mary’s.
Darren won the Year 6 section, ka pai!
Thank you again to their reserves, Alyssia and Alex, for also showing their support.

NZ Catholic has published a special Vocations issue, which has been available at Auckland diocesan parishes. If you live outside Auckland or missed your parish copy, you can read the PDF version. As Bishop of Auckland Pat Dunn says: "There are some wonderful, heart-warming stories in this issue from those who have followed God's call to serve in many different ways!" Click here:

Andrea Cawood

Director of Religious Studies


Welcome - We extend a warm welcome to Carlos and Charis, who have recently started their faith and learning journey at Te Kura Katorika o Hāto Heemi. We also extend a warm welcome to their family and whānau.

Thank you Cloud9 - we have received a generous donation of $236.64 for the month of May. Thank you to our school community for supporting Cloud9 with this fundraising initiative. This money has been spent on sandpit toys and new soccer nets.

Interschool Cross Country - Congratulations, participants had to run 3km over a course of grass, lime stone and mud! Our learners showed all of our SAINTS values, pushing themselves to the limit in the rain and wind.

A huge thank you to Tony Groube, Hamish Sutherland, Paula Curry, Tash O'Brien and Caroline Lister for transport and support.

Placings are as follows:

YEAR 5 BOYS: Liam S placed 20th, Patrick C placed 24th, Cruze K placed 94th and Maxwell H placed 99th.

YEAR 5 GIRLS; Ava O'B placed 20th, Gloria McI placed 37th and Adeline G placed 64th.

YEAR 6 BOYS: Toby B placed 27th, Grayson S-J placed 44th, CJ O placed 55th, Lukas R placed 70th and Xavier L placed 73rd.

YEAR 6 GIRLS: Chloe G placed 10th, Sophia van D placed 95th and Jennifer van D placed 96th.

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2021 Term Dates & Holidays

School Closing for Paid Union Meeting - the NZEI have notified us of a Paid Union Meeting for teachers. Our staff will be attending the meeting on June 25 - therefore school will close on Friday, June 25th at 12.30 pm. We ask all children to be picked up at 12.30. Nippers will be operating in the hall from 12.30 pm.

Can you help? - We have a family who needs support getting their family to school (2 children) Mon-Fri. Pick up is from Fitzherbert Avenue. If you are able to assist please contact the school office.

Mathematics Reporting Mid Year 2021 - Part Two

This is the second newsletter article explaining our move into the Ministry of Education's Progress and Consistency Tool - PaCT - Mathematics reporting and what to expect when reports are sent home in Week 10 this term.

We are making some changes to our learner achievement reporting this term. The changes are in Mathematics only. In this newsletter, I share a screen capture of part of the new Mathematics report with some information to help you make sense of it. Please note that this is our first try at PaCT reporting - all staff have taken the learner mindset, and we know we are at an early stage in our learning - please join us in this learning that we know will be beneficial to your children.

Below is a screen capture of the second part of the report using a fictitious learner Mika Barker Year 3.

You will notice that the Mathematics curriculum has been divided into eight different aspects, which are reported in this report. Each aspect is a progression comprising the significant signposts that all learners are expected to move past as they develop their expertise. The different sized gaps between the signposts indicate that more learning is needed between some signposts than others.

The circles show the learner's current achievement in the aspects - we call this 'best fit'. In this example, fictitious learner Mika is doing well. You will also notice that in the four 'lower' aspects on Mika's report, the next signpost is at NZ Curriculum Level 3 - so Mika is well on her way to Level 3.

Please note - each signpost is a significant step to the next one - so the achievement is to be celebrated. Overall, PaCT has judged Mika to be working 'at' Level 2 of the NZ Curriculum.

The NZ Curriculum is set up so that each Level takes approximately 2 years - Level 1 - Years 1 and 2, Level 2 - Years 3 and 4, Level 3 - Years 5 and 6. As fictitious Mika is at Level 2 of the NZ Curriculum, she is judged to be working at an appropriate level for Year 3. She would most likely continue working at Level 3 for Year 4 and begin progressing into Level 3 in Year 4.

For Year 1 children, all are regarded to be at Level 1 of the NZ Curriculum.

Please contact me should you have any questions. - Tom

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Reporting Absences - Absences can be notified in several ways:

Parents/caregivers are asked to notify the School Office 357 9719 before 9:00 am to notify us if their child/ren will be absent from school, or late to school that day. You will need to do this each day that your child/ren cannot attend school. A medical certificate is required after THREE consecutive days away sick.

Absences can be reported via the School App.
To download the App: Go to the App Store on your Apple or Android Device and search ‘SchoolAppsNZ’ to download the App to your phone or tablet. Now select St James’ Catholic School from the list of schools.

Select the Absentee button and follow the instructions to call, text or email the Office.

or Text an Absence: 027 343 6518
* must have the parent / caregiver name.
* must have the student's name and Learning Space, e.g. Harry Smith, Learning Space 1.
* must have a brief reason for the absence.

For example: Harry Smith, Learning Space 1 will be absent today because he has the flu.

Please note: This number is only used to receive Absence Data.

Drinks at School - St James' is a water only school. Just a reminder please that water is the only drink children are permitted to bring to school. We have recently been seeing hot chocolate and carton drinks coming to school.

St James' School PTFA - Parent and Teachers and Friends Association

  • PTFA Pizza Lunch - Friday 2 July offerings will be Meat Lovers, Hawaiian or Simply Cheese. $2 a slice. Order before school on Friday 2 July - at the front of the school office.
  • PTFA and Gala meeting - Wednesday 16 th June - 6.30 pm staffroom - all welcome.
  • Pastoral Care - Thank you to our current pastoral care providers who have baked and prepared meals for those families in our school community who occasionally need a little bit of extra support.

    If this sounds like something you would like to assist with could you please email me so I can put your name on our list of helpers. Thanks, Tracey Gunn

  • Please Join us - The PTFA is keen to have new members join them this year. Many of the current organisers are nearing the end of their primary school involvement, and it is time to add more members. If you are interested, please contact Kelly Hoskins (

School Board

The next BOT meeting will be held in the staffroom on Monday 5 July 2021 at 6.00 pm. All welcome.

Michael Fennessy



Winter Sports - Sports are now underway. We encourage Fair Play from all learners and supporters. Accept the winning and losing with grace and thank the other team for playing.

Table Tennis and Volleyball - we have recently installed a table tennis table and volleyball net. Thanks to Kelly and Jeremy Hoskins for donating the table tennis table and bats. The volleyball net was purchased from a grant donated by iPlex Pipelines. We have also recently purchased various items of playground equipment and new sandpit toys which are available for use.

Dates for Your Diary

Please keep checking the Events Calendar on the school website. All coming events will continue to be updated here. Add to my Calendar.

2021 Term 2

Week 6

Sunday 12 June - School Mass, 9.30am, All Welcome - All learners to please wear school uniform.

Week 7

Wednesday 16 June - LS6 Class Trip to Te Manawa

Week 8

Wednesday 23 June - Te Totara Assembly Cross Country Certificates will be presented

Friday 25 June - NZEI Meeting Early School Closure 12.30pm

Week 9
Tuesday 29 June - LS2 Trip to Te Manawa

Getting Involved

The Yummy Sticker promotion has kicked off again for this year, so its a good time to remind everyone to collect Yummy stickers and bag cut-outs. Shop at your local New World, Pak’n Save and participating Four Square stores. $200,000 of sports gear is available for schools.

Stickers are due in by Friday 17 September.
Click on the links below for your Collection Sheets, or grab one from the School Office foyer.

Cut out Label Collection Sheet
New Variety Sticker Collection
Sticker Collection Sheet

Shining Stars – Preschool Music Group Thursday 9:30am

Cathedral lounge. Contact Basia

Stamps, Can Tabs, Wine Bottle Tops - One small way we can make life easier for others which costs us nothing, is to collect Stamps, Can Tabs and Wine Bottle Tops. You will find boxes for these in the Office foyer. If, as a family you don’t already set these items aside for Kidney Kids at Starship and the Missions you might like to start as a very visible witness to demonstrating Jesus example of LOVE. Encourage neighbours and family to do the same. There is no deadline. There is a box in the foyer for used pens, felt tips, highlighters, markers, mechanical pencils, correction tape and fluid pots, fountain pens and ink cartridges for Just Zilch.

Noel Leeming Friends and Family Offer

Get amazing deals on the brands you love storewide

The Noel Leeming Friends and Family offer from 14-27 June 2021 is available to staff, students, families and friends associated with Catholic Schools.

Print and present this flyer or show it on your device in store.

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