If I should die before I wake

By:Han Nolan & By:Ej Baskkin

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On the run for freedom

1939, World War II in Poland


Hilary is a neo-Nazi who hates jewish people or jews. Then Hilary has a serious accident on her "friends" bike and gose into a coma. while she is in the coma she is transported to another girls life named Channa. Channa is a jewish girl who struggles to find freedom from hitlers army. Hilary experiences what it is like to be a jew and learns important lessons along the way as Channa. At the end of the story Hilary learns that it doesn't matter wether we are all equal,and to stick up for each other.

Main Characters

Channa, Mama, Bubbe, Brad, Jakub, Zayde, & Anya.

Suporting Characters

They're a lot of suporting characters but haer are some of them

Matel, Dvora, frenchtwins, Chuck, Billy, & Eline.

Key *= Real x= Not real

  • Matel=x
  • Chuck=x
  • Billy=*
  • Frenchtwins=*
  • Brad=x
  • Channa=*
  • Hilary=*
  • Anya=*
  • Bubbe=*
  • Zayde=x
  • Chairman=*
  • Kapo=*
  • Hitler=*
  • Mrs. Hurshwist=*
  • Mr&Mrs. Krengile=x
  • Eline=*

The Holocaust

A historical event that happend in my book was the Holocaust. The holocaust was a deadly & vile event during world war II that hurt and killed lots of people, mostly jews. In my book Hilary/Channa gets put in a consetration camp .That was were most of the holocaust happened were they killed most of the people. They had death camps were thy gased , murdered, &creamed people. that is an historical event that happened during or in my book.

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"... following the smell of sour odors like a dog."pg 66. The two things that are being compared are sour odors and dogs.


"You look like a baby bird, Bubbe" pg 188. The two things that are being strongly compare are baby bird & Bubbe.


"The soup looked like weak tea..." pg 200. I know this is a hyperbole because it is exaggerating the soup looking at something else.


"They become what the people here call Muselmanner." pg 205. I know this is an onomatopoeia because it sounds like Muslims.


Procured: to obtain or get by care, effort, or the use of special means.
sen: Channa procured a lot of knowledge from Rivke.

Shivster: A person that you can only see.
sen: I saw my shevster smile at me.

Schneller: Faster. Sen: The Kapo yeld at me saying Schneller.

Muselmanner: Muslims. Sen: Muslims have given up hope.

Kapo: a german guard who is incharge of Zablappell.
Sen: The Kapo hit me many times during Zablappell.