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May Newsletter

Knock on Wood

When it comes to construction, we all know that Yogi Berra had it right when he said, "It ain't over 'til it's over." Any time you open a wall or involve more than one specialist, you risk finding unexpected new problems and creating unplanned delays. (Although I am not superstitious, I finding myself hesitating to write the next sentence for fear of causing some new problem to manifest. After all, our basement is full of boxes that are full books that are full of plot twists. Who knows, unintended consequences may be wafting up through the floors.) With that said, our renovation has gone remarkably smoothly and looks to be finished by the end of the month!

If you've ever done a renovation, you'll know that the last leg is often the busiest. Over the next few weeks, shelves will be going up, furniture will come in, our data infrastructure will be revamped and computers installed, offices will be set up, store rooms will be stocked, books will go on the shelves etc. etc. In order to get all that done, we'll need two things: time and help.

To get the time, we will be completely closed on May 3 -5 for the data update and completely closed again for two weeks May 17th -29th for everything else. We hope folks aren't too terribly inconvenienced.

To get the help, we are looking for volunteers who can pitch in to help us get all the books and computers and other stuff out of storage and back where it all belongs. See the notice below.

In June, we expect to be open to the greatest degree possible, given our staffing and the COVID situation at the time. For the first part, see the Help Wanted and Volunteers Wanted notices below. For the second part, we are have gotten our shots, are wearing our masks and keep washing our hands. We'll be following the guidelines that are in effect at the time, with safety being our first priority.

We are very excited to be moving out of our one-room library and into our refurbished space. We are even more excited to know that we'll be seeing all of you in person again soon.

- Annie

ps If all our spiffing up has inspired you, check out the online KonMari tidying workshop we're offering below.

Many Thanks to Hoosick Valley Contractors

The process has been smooth and as painless as possible. Mike and the guys have worked hard and smart. They have been very thoughtful and done their best to avoid inconveniencing the staff. And (see below) they have a surprising range of skills.
- YouTube
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