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It's September 5, 2020, the 249th day of the year. There are 117 days left.

Happy Labor Day weekend! Whatever your plans are for this weekend, please make sure to stay safe but also have some fun on what is considered by many to be the last weekend of summer - although that technically doesn't happen for 18 more days :)

Please check out the jobs I've listed below. The first two employers contacted us looking to hire immediately! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always here to help! NOTE: The States of Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Minnesota always seem to have several officialships posted, so I would recommend going to their respective websites in order to apply for them. I do not list them all here.

Also, voice court reporters: I mark some entries as both voice and steno when I know for sure that employer hires voice. However, if an entry is not marked at all it does not necessarily mean they don't hire voice, I just don't know if they do. Please contact that employer directly if interested.

I wish you safety and health.

Until next time,

Slainte Mhath!



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Job Drawer - Week of August 31, 2020

1. CART/Captioners (voice/steno), ONE Interpreting, remote

See email below from a grad:

Hello Natalie:

I'm poking my nose in here to let you all know that ONE INTERPRETING is in dire need of captioners/CART people.

Could you please put out the alert? I was talking to Mathew Call, the company owner and they have more work than they can cover with current captioners.

I told him I'd reach out to you all and let you know. Here's a chance for court reporters - steno or voice to jump into this side of things for some extra income.

[Y]ou do not necessarily need to be certified to get a job (but certified people do get higher hourly rates).

The pandemic has forced so much learning to the online, that normally is not delivered that way so there is a surplus of work.

You can contact Matthew Call at for further information and/or go to for more information.

2. CART/Broadcast Captioners, QuickCaption, remote

Please see attached letter below!

3. Transcriptionists, American High-Tech Transcription, remote

Please see email below. He'd love to get several more transcriptionists!!!

Work from home with no stress. Exciting and interesting transcription of law enforcement recordings using your steno skills. Income is based on productivity. A great opportunity for reporters or high-speed students.

Contact Mickey at 727-535-1066.

Thanks, Mickey

Mickey Segal, President

American High-Tech Transcription

2600 East Bay Drive, Suite 215

Largo, FL 33771

4. Freelance Reporters (VOICE & STENO), Naegeli Deposition & Trial, Nationwide, USA

Please click here for more information. Please send your resume to

5. Transcriptionists (VOICE & STENO), Automatic Sync, remote

Please see email below:

We are desperately in need of more people who can transcribe. We are simply not getting on top of this backlog fast enough! This influx of work does not appear to be slowing down. If you know anyone who has experience and is looking for work, please refer them to or directly to me at We will consider someone who lacks experience if they can pass a transcription test and if they're flexible and detail oriented.


NOTE from a grad who has/is working for them: There’s a bit of a learning curve, but someone with voice or steno knowledge would be a fit. It’s not “big money,” but it’s a living. Back when I started doing this, one of my fellow grads gave it a try and she thought a minimum wage job would be easier. She quit and I kept it up and am grateful for the income. ...[I]f you’re willing to put in the upfront time like you would in any new job, learn, and build up speed, it’s not a bad way to get your feet wet.

6. Official Court Reporter, First Judicial District, Hastings, MN

Please click here for more information.

Official Court Reporter, First Judicial District, Hastings MN

Please click here for more information.

*****The above officialships are for two different judges*****

7. Official Court Reporter, Superior Court No. 6, Tippecanoe County, IN

Please click here for more information.

8. Official Court Reporter, Sixth Circuit, 12th Division, Little Rock, AR

Please click here for more information.

9. Official Court Reporter, 55th Civil District Court, Houston, TX

Please click here for more information.

10. Official Court Reporters, County of Lancaster, Lancaster, PA

Please click here for more information. NOTE: The description states currently six openings.

11. Stenocaptioner, WGBH Boston, Boston, MA

Please click here for more information.

12. Insurance Transcribers, Net Transcripts, remote

Please click here for more information.