Journal #1

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Journal #2


2day i came home from school really l8.. i had to stay after for a club but i didnt want 2. btw i had a math test that i think i mite have failed... lol jk it wuz pretty ez. so wehn r we goin 2 the movies? i saw wolf on wall street and it wuz so awesome. anywayz tell me wehn u r back in town dis weekend

Journal #3

Google Search : Sochi, Russia

The results that came up at school seemed to be much broader than the results on my phone. The links that showed up on my phone seemed to be more relevant to me and displayed websites that I frequent, whereas the search at school was less specific to me. The search at school displayed more generic sites, as to show the links most relevant to anyone (and everyone) searching "Sochi". I appreciate Google's search algorithm because it allows me to find sites that are more pertinent to me.

Journal #4

Google Search: Myself

When I Googled my name, I didn't see any posts that were about me at first. All of the links with my name it them were about other people. My Facebook page didn't even come up until a few pages in, which doesn't surprise me because I don't use social media too often. The information that did come up didn't scare me at all. When I clicked on my Facebook profile, I saw a minimal amount of information. It didn't even display my email address. Although I'm online nearly everyday, most of my information is not available through a simple Google search. Of course, information from social media is searchable if the proper privacy settings are not applied, so I am careful to monitor who can see what I post. Personally, the information about me that is online poses no threat to me. The most someone could get about me through hacking or some other means is my phone number, which isn't really a secret.

Journal #5

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