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April Showers Us with Afterschool Fun!

April 2015
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Laconia High School

Spring is blooming and so are the afterschool activities! Archery Club's numbers have swelled now that it is pleasant enough to shoot outside; they shoot every Tuesday at 2:30 in the upper field behind LHS, and will soon be attending a competition. Food is Fun, being run by new lead Katie Searle, is turning out delicious dishes as always. Freedom Found continues to guide a small horde of young people into greater confidence and awareness, and the Human Body Fan Club is just now wrapping up its very successful first foray into helping create a student population with healthier minds and bodies. Hooray for spring--it is finally here!

Mr. Kaiser

Laconia High School Interim Site Director

English Teacher

Laconia Middle School

The month of April was filled with explorations and adventures! Our students explored news worlds of Minecraft, took a “trip” to Mexico in Spanish, logged in with Computer Coding, traveled with B3 Girls/Boys Clubs, provided awareness with Stand-Up Laconia; while reporting all about their explorations in Toastmasters! It’s no wonder why this month has flown with all of the great activities going on here.

Members of Project EXTRA and Boys and Girls Club gave back to Mother Nature this past Wednesday, conveniently, Earth Day. Members traveled to Bolduc Park to help clean up the grounds after the harsh winter. Armed with rakes, shovels and buckets they helped clean up the greens. It was a great lesson in paying it forward and volunteering. In return for their efforts, Bolduc Park has given out vouchers for a free round of golf! Over vacation, our volunteers will head back to the course to play! Way to go!!

We are always looking for ways to give back to our community here at Project EXTRA, but one person has linked up with her many community partners to provide members with a treat.

Our champion for this month, Tammy Levesque, has organized with Laconia Athletic and Swim Club a bi-weekly swim session for her B3 Girls Club! Tammy is bringing awareness and self-confidence to our girls for Project EXTRA. She goes above and beyond every week and is always pushing herself to come up with even more creative and fresh new ideas. Way to go Tammy, you rock!

As fast as April has flown, the school year will be here before we know it. Please take a minute to visit the website to sign-up for Summer Success: Get off the Couch and Explore, our summer programming here at LMS! The program will run from July 6th – July 31st.

Mr. Resca

Laconia Middle School Site Director

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Woodland Heights

To have green grass under our feet and temperatures above the freezing point has been heavenly. Karate and Co-op Club have taken advantage of this wonderful weather. By popular demand we may have an outdoor art club based on some lovely sand murals that students drew just the other day.

Students are doing a wonderful job getting us ready to put on an end of the year carnival for our school. They are making signs and information sheets, putting together games and activities, planning where activities will go and how to set them up. They are putting a lot of work and effort into this event and we are eager to see the results!

Our wonderful Kitchen Staff put together a well balanced meal for our students every day. Normally, Project EXTRA staff members take on the task of setting up dinner but recently our students have started to take on that responsibility. They have been practicing setting up the meals, running the meal list, passing out dinners and even tidying up. We are very thankful to the Kitchen Staff, Project EXTRA Staff and students for their time and effort.

Mr. Colby

Woodland Heights Site Director

Pleasant Street School

Students have been enjoying many activities at Project EXTRA. The Art Surprise Club made story starters by painting different objects on rocks and then using them to create a story. We have been practicing new positions in the Yoga Kids Club. Students work with a partner to balance for the boat pose. I am impressed with their patience and focus! Kindergartners and first graders are creating their very own games from recyclable materials. Our older students have been practicing their basketball skills in Basketball Club and their typing skills with Dance Mat and typing in Computer Smartz Club. We ended April by celebrating Pleasant Street School Pride. All students decorated t-shirts with glow in the dark paint to wear at the PSS Glow in the Dark Dance!

The Project EXTRA spotlight is on the WEIRD SCIENCE club. Students have made their own oobleck, moon sand, balloon rockets and plastic. They are learning how to follow instructions, problem solve, and work together as a team. First grader, Phoenix' favorite part was making moon sand. He said “it’s easy to make and fun to play with!”

Mrs. O' Neil-Viar

Pleasant Street School Site Director

Elm Street School

We are having a lot of fun at Elm Street School. We have really enjoyed the change in weather and have taken advantage of the warth by holding some of our classes, like basketball, outdoors.

We have students that love reading so we have started The Cool Book Club led by Mr. Emanuel. The students, as a group, choose a book that they would like to read and upon completion, collaborate to recreate the story through dioramas. Each diorama represents the beginning, middle and finally the end of the story. Once the students line them up together in the correct sequence the book is there for everyone to view. The book the students are currently reading is, What Do You Do With A Tail Like This? Written by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page. We look forward to updating you on the class’s progress.

Some of our younger students are really interested in all the new plant life that is growing on the playground, especially the dandelions. We have been taking pictures of the same group and checking up on them to see if we notice any changes. It’s been a lot of fun and we are really excited to see how the weeds progress.

The Student Leadership Committee decided to reschedule their Family Bingo Night to May 27th. We are hoping that we can get as many people to support the night as possible. We have had a lot of local businesses and some ESS teachers donate items like gift certificates, hand made items and much more for the “Our Community Gives” raffle basket. All the money made from this raffle will be donated to the NH Humane Society.

Mrs. Montague

Elm Street School Site Director

Gale to Goss Community Library Walk

In the News

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Advisory Board

Korry Blake, Randy Brough, Sharon de la Vergne, Edward Engler, Chris Ennis, Jonathan Fecteau, Terri Forsten, Karmen Gifford, Christine Gingerella, McKenzie Harrington-Bacote, Sophia Joyal, Ron Kaiser, David Levesque, Victoria Makris, Katie Theberge, and Beth Vachon

Looking Ahead

May 25: Memorial Day

May 27: Family Bingo Night at ESS

June 4: Carnival at WHS

June 5: Last Day of School Year Project EXTRA

June 29: Elementary Summer Learning Begins

July 6: LMS Summer Success Begins

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