5th Grade @Morton Ranch Elementary

Volume 1 septemeber

Welcome to a Great Year!

We are so excited for another fabulous year here at the ranch. Thanks for coming out to our parent night. If you couldn't make it, please check our grade level's website for further information.

Listed below are small summaries of current topics for each subject.


In science we are investigating the physical properties of matter. We started off by classifying matter and identifying the 3 states of matter, solid, liquids, and gases. Then we started to develop the meaning of "Density". Did you know you could get a golf ball to float? Well, my little scientist did!!

Next, we will be deepening our understanding about mixtures and solutions. Our Mavericks will be making and separating mixtures and solutions in our hands on lab on Wednesdays.

Lab days:

Majeski, Bloyd, Abramson, and Martinez on Wednesdays

Vann and Cantu on Thursdays

Social Studies

In Social Studies we have studies the 5 regions of the United States and the uniqueness about all of them. We are now covering colonization of the U.S.A. with a focus on the 13 colonies.

Language Arts/Writing

Our Mavericks are buy working on their literary Essays which are about the books that they are reading.


In Reading we are reading fiction and thinking deeply about characters, analyzing their traits, motivations, and relationships using text evidence.


Math is working on Comparing Decimals and Adding and Subtracting Decimals. Don't forget to show all your strategies on your homework and have it ready to show your teacher every day.

Contact information:

Kelley Martinez - Math/SS for Abramson's class KelleyAMartinez@katyisd.org

Laurie Majeski - Science/SS for Bloyd's class Lauriebmajeski@katyisd.org

Kathy Bloyd - Reading/writing/SS for Majeski's class KathrynABloyd@katyisd.org

Audrey Vann - Self contained AudreyEVann@katyisd.org

Myralda Cantu MyraldaPCantu@katyisd.org