Maycomb Mews

Summer Issue of 1933

White Americas Fear of the Black Man

White Americas fear of the black man is building up a lot of steam here in Maycomb and it's surrounding areas. Nearly all prisoners are African-American. Many citizens are speculating why this is the case for over 80% of prisoners are negroes.

"I don't understand why so many of our black brethren are being held into prison. A lot of them are some of the nicest individuals you'll ever meet. There's definitely wrong with our system here," says Stephen James who is a leader of the local Negroe church here in Maycomb country.

It's true. Nearly all reporters were white and many of them admit to be members of the Ku Klux Klan, an organization established to give fear against the blacks. Even the most respected professions such as black doctors are being arrested.

Do you think there is a relation between the high amount of black people being in prison with white people?

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Maycomb Food Market Sale

There's a big sale happening right now in the Maycomb Food Market. Almost everything inside the store is up to 60%. Hurry and stock up now because supplies are running low.

*only applicable to white people

Meet the Author: Adolf Stalin

Adolf Stalin is an African-American male born by a white mother and black father. Throughout his life he has experienced much suffering amongst his peers and the people around him for his upbringing. Despite that, his aspiration to become a writer was stronger than the hate surrounding him. He went to Authentic Harvard to study law to pursue his passion. Since then, he has been writing to the Maycomb Madness.