Ghost Hunting

Does the paranormal really existst?

Ghostly encounters

Have you ever wondered what is like to come in contact with the paranormal? Here are the stories of places that claimed to be disturbed by terrified souls!

Ghostly encounters!

san antonio's paranormal visitors!

When you're looking for a good place to ghost hunt, San Antonio is the place! It's packed with great historical landmarks, missions, hotels, even train tracks, all claimed to be haunted! In my opinion, the number one haunted place in San Antonio would have to be the Alamo. Despite its beautiful appearance and lovely gardens, its history is unbelieveable!!! In 2009, two officers who patrolled the Alamo at night reported to have heard the painful screams of soilders, children crying, and the powerful gunshots. Again, in 2011, one of the poliece officers supposedly saw a wondering wounded mexican soilder by the main entrance of the mission. A few minutes later, he dissapered. These sightings have not been proven true, but if they are, what do they want and what are their intentions.