Differentiated Learning.

NZEI AP/DP/Team leaders conference day. July 31st 2014.

Rating the workshop.

Out of 17 workshop participants, 12 completed feedback forms. They rated the differentiated learning on a scale of 1 (poor) to 4 (excellent). Numbers may not add to 100% because of rounding.

  • Facilitators' punctuality: 92% excellent; 8% good.
  • Facilitators' presentation: 75% excellent; 25% good.
  • Materials used: 83% excellent; 17% good.
  • Pace of training: 33% excellent; 58% good; 8% average.
  • Variety of activities: 58% excellent; 42% good.
  • Usefulness of strategies: 33% excellent; 67% good.
  • Confidence to use strategies for self: 50% excellent; 50% good.
  • Time allowed to cover content: 83% good; 17% average.

What went well?

  • All - glad you could get as much as possible in such short time.
  • Interactive part.
  • Resources shared and some supplied.
  • A good overview of differentiated learning.
  • Sorting activity - differentiated classes/traditional classes.
  • Lots of good ideas to share. Would have liked to hear more.

What was particularly useful?

  • Thinking about what differentiation looks, sounds and feels like.
  • The activity on classrooms.
  • The thinking about ideas and talking to others.
  • Learner's profile. Differences between differentiated and traditional classrooms.
  • All of it. :)
  • Idea of resources.
  • Sorting the difference with traditional classroom. Negative vs positive - interesting.
  • Book names, and sayings.
  • Resources - books to track down. Overview with sorting cards.
  • Having to 'jigsaw' the differences between traditional and differentiated classrooms.

Did the module fit your needs.

  • Yes - good ideas to trial.
  • Good reminders - quotes were useful - feel reassured we are on the right track.
  • As much as I'd expect in 45 minutes.
  • Yes. (3 participants)
  • Gave a taste for.....

Was there anything you'd like more information about?

  • Still trying to digest what we got today - will visit website.
  • Very interesting, looking forward to reading the text mentioned.

What could be improved?

  • More time :)
  • Pace of presentation.
  • I felt I didn't have a clear idea/understanding of what Differentiated Learning was, and it took a while to understand it. Maybe provide definition and examples first.
  • N/A
  • More time!

Any further comments or suggestions?

  • It was a shame it was rushed, but understandable.
  • Rushed, but realise it wasn't your fault.
  • Another great workshop :)