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November 2020

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FDLRS Galaxy, an associate center of The Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System is a discretionary project of the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) and the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services (BEESS). The four central functions of FDLRS are: Child Find, Parent Services, Human Resource Development, and Technology. FDLRS Galaxy provides diagnostic, instructional, and technology support services to district exceptional education programs and families of students with disabilities across Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee and St Lucie school districts.

Jody Hays

Director of FDLRS Galaxy

We're More Alike Than Different: Disability Awareness Video

The American's with Disabilities Act is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Please click the link below to view We're More Alike Than Different: Disability Awareness Video created by FDLRS Galaxy. (15 minutes)



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Teacher Tips for Increasing Student Response and Engagement

Pick Sticks Student Randomizer: By Caroline Redding

A quick way to engage the entire class and ensure that all students have an equal chance of being called on to answer a question, be picked to complete a demonstration, or be given a coveted job - is the use of a student randomizer. A random response generator can assist teachers with the following:

• Set expectations that all students are engaged and involved.

• Communicate that all students are worthy contributors to the classroom.

• Decrease appearance of teacher partiality.

• Provide increased opportunities for everyone to respond (not just a few volunteers).

Here’s how a random name generator works:

1. Have all students (or seat numbers) listed in the generator.

2. Ask a question, tell the class you need to assign a job, or provide opportunity for student input.

3. Use the generator to randomly select a student.

It’s a good idea to put the student’s name back into the mix after they participate. If you put the student’s name aside, you communicate that the student no longer needs to engage since he or she won’t be called upon again until your reset the randomizer. Another pro-tip: make a couple of “teacher choice” sticks or slots, so you can call on the student of your choice.

There are many high-tech versions. Some online versions include Wheel of Names, a Chrome extension aptly named Popsicle Sticks, and another free one to try is Teach Starter. Even Class Dojo has a randomizer! Some popular phone apps are StickPick, Team Shake, and Random Student Selector. For a quick, low-tech version, use wooden popsicle sticks.

Name randomizers – a simple strategy to increase student accountability and engagement

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