Single and Ready to Flamingle

Sam Kaplan

About Me

My name is Jazabel, and I'm the hottest flamingo flamenco dancer on the lake. Adventurous Aves like me are the ones all the men rave over. Think you can stand up to me? Well, think twice about literally standing face-to-knee with my legs. My warm-blooded personality will melt your heart in a matter of seconds, and then you'll never want to stop starting deep into my legs again!

About You

I need a cold-blooded, sly reptilian partner that will freeze time so we will never have to leave each others' sides. I like being in charge, so you can't be taller or bigger than me in any way. Oh, and by the way, you better have some legs to dance on, or you're going to get dumped right onto your sister's weak, rubber eggs right in front of me and my flamigos!