By: Logan Ertl

History of Apple

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne started apple in 1976 in California. Each of them sold one of their favorite things. They got 2,000 dollars and started selling the Apple 1. The Apple 1 had all of the parts of a regular computer, but was faster than the computers before that. This product for a reasonable price but they still made money. By the way they came up with the name because Wozniak and Jobs both worked in an apple orchard. They put the quarter eaten part in because they said it looked way cooler. After they sold the first 50 computers, Wozniak dropped out of college. Jobs and Wayne took this as their full time job. Apple started to get out there and more people started to recognize them.

Progression of Apple

When the company just started they weren't making as much money they wanted. They only sold 50 computers. They only made 7,000 dollars. That’s not that big of a profit. They started their first big hit with the box computers. These computers were faster than the apple 1’s They sold a lot of these to schools which used them in class. They were starting to get apple’s name out there. This computer was called the Macintosh. After the Macintosh started to boom their company starting booming too. Steve Jobs thought that they should make more than just computers. They needed something, so they made the first iPhone. Now today they have an iPhone 6, iPad, iPods, Beats, apple watch, and a lot of more. As you can see they made a big growth from selling box computers to all the stuff they sell today. When they were alive they made billions of dollars. If you can see it’s a big gain from $7,000 to $1,000,000,000.

Impact on Society

Apple affected the society in a big way. They helped people connect between the tap of the button. They have a finger scanner to get into a phone. Throughout time. they created a touchscreen phone. Next, they made an apple watch and an iPad which no other company has thought of. If you go to a mall you see an apple store everywhere. You always see a lot of people in that store. That tells you that it helps a LOT of people. If you took a look in your classroom I could bet 1 million dollars that at least 10 people have one sort of apple product. People love this product as you can tell. If we didn't have apple in our life, life would be hard. We use these products because they are better than a lot of other products. I would have a hard time without my iPhone, apple watch, iPad, and macbook. I am on those things half of the time of my day. It would be hard to not spend half of my day on apple products.

The Important People who Started this Company

The people who started this company was Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne. They were very smart people when they were younger and were on the honor roll through high school. They knew that their knowledge would help them in life. They just wanted some money. They didn't know that it was going to be a life saver to people. In 2012 they made an iPhone 5 that they designed, and were being sold at a daily rate of 340,000 a day. The apple company makes 300,000 dollars in a single date. Just the iPhone has higher sales than Microsoft in total. To show you how hard it is to just work at apple; you have a better chance getting accepted to Harvard than working at an apple store.

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The best seller right now is the iPhone and apple watch. Although the watch just came out. It still is very high in sales and is very hard to get unless you wait a month like what I did. The most important product sold was the Macbooks. These Macbooks are very very helpful to people. They are very unique in many ways compared to Chromebooks. This company markets in a very unique way. They try to say why their product it better. Like it’s thinner and faster. They also use loaded words to help them sell their products. They advertise in a very unique way.

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