I'm Grateful For Rainy Days

By: Katie Rowley

Two Kinds of Rainy Days

There are two different kinds of rainy days. On rainy days that are cold and bleak, I like to stay inside reading a book while drinking hot chocolate snuggled in a blanket. On rainy days that are cheery and promising, I like to run outside as fast as possible to dance and sing. I long for rainy days, no matter which type.

In the Future

When I grow up, I want to live somewhere that rains often. I will have an umbrella stand right next to the door and it will be filled full with umbrellas. My family will each have a fun, crazy umbrella and a church appropriate one. I will have a lot of pairs of rain boots that I will be able to wear with whatever clothes I own.

Benefits of Rain

Rain is an essential part to make this world inhabitable for humans. Rain brings moisture. Rain can help God's creations grow.

I love rain. I love rainy days.