Constitution Day

WHY is it important?

What is the Constitution?

The Constitution of the United States is the plan for how the government works.

It is the highest law in the United States and is more important than any city or state law.

It also protects your rights and freedoms.

It's kind of like a "how-to" book, showing us ways to have happiness, safety, and comfort.

Constitutional Convention

In 1787, a group of men held special meeting in Philadelphia at a building now called Independence Hall (picture below). Leaders from each state were invited. The men who came were called the Founding Fathers. George Washington lead the discussions and James Madison took notes. They argued about it all summer! Even though it was hot outside, they kept the windows shut so that nobody could eavesdrop on their discussions.
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The picture below is the room where the delegates met for three months. Next time you're in Pennsylvania, you can go visit it!
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Ten Constitution Facts

  1. The Constitution is a set of rules that Americans live by.
  2. It is the highest law of the land.
  3. The Constitution was created so that all people would be treated fairly.
  4. The Constitution creates the office of the president, the Congress, and the courts.
  5. The Constitution was written in 1787 (more than two hundred years ago).
  6. Rights are things all people have just because they are alive.
  7. The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments (changes) to the Constitution.
  8. The Congress makes the laws, and the people elect the members of Congress.
  9. The President enforces the laws.
  10. The courts decide what the law means when there are questions about it.


39 delegates signed the Constitution on September 17, 1787. We celebrate it around that day every year! HAPPY CONSTITUTION DAY!

"We The People"

The first part of the Constitution is called the preamble. This one sentence tells the purpose of the Constitution and makes a promise to the people of the United States. We can expect the government to protect us from other countries and provide peace and justice, and safety at home.
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School House Rock -The Preamble