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Weekly Update April 19-23

Contact Information

Matt Shepler, Principal

Takiyah Benson, Assistant Principal

Richard Petroske, Assistant Principal

Ann Ferkler, 8th Grade Counselor

Kia McKinney, 7th Grade Counselor

David Gibbons, 6th Grade Counsleor

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A Message from Mr. Shepler

Dear Lockerman Middle School families,

This week we have picture day going on Tuesday-Thursday. The picture schedule for in-person learners is posted within the newsletter. Teachers will be assisting with reminding students when they need to leave class to get their picture taken.

On Wednesday, virtual learners will get their pictures taken between 12-6 PM in the cafeteria. If you have not signed up for an appointment, please do so using this link. Upon arriving for your appointment, you can park in the front loop of the school and enter the cafeteria directly through the outside cafeteria doors.

If your child misses the opportunity to get their picture taken this week, please use the following link to make an appointment on Wednesday, April 28th. The April 28th make-up day is for all students, virtual or in-person. Our goal is that 100% of our students get their school picture taken.

LMS Picture Day Make-ups

A few upcoming events:

- April 20th- Quarter 3 Report Cards Issued

- April 20th- LMS Picture Day (8th Grade and 6th Grade)

- April 21st- LMS Picture Day for Virtual Learning Students (By appointment only)

- April 22nd- LMS Picture Day (7th Grade and Make-ups)

- April 28th- LMS Picture Day Make-Up Date

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Matt Shepler


Lockerman Middle School

Happy Administrative Professionals' Day

Wednesday is Administrative Professionals' Day!! Thank you to our AMAZING administrative support staff, Mrs. Nesselroad, Mrs. Creel, Mrs. Hood, Mr. Hynson, and Mrs. Ritter, for all they do to make this building run smoothly. There is so much they do behind the scenes to support staff, students, and our school community!
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In-Person Hot Lunch Menu- April 19-23

Monday, April 19th

Golden Chicken Patty Sandwich

Carrot Sticks

Tuesday, April 20th

Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla


Thursday, April 22nd

Ham and Cheese Melt on Pretzel Roll

Caesar Salad

Friday, April 23rd

Cheese Pizza

Cucumber Sticks

April A Day/B Day Calendar

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LMS Picture Day Schedule

Tuesday, April 20th (7:45 AM-11:00 AM)- 6th and 8th Grade

8th Grade (Alphabetically by Last Name)

7:45- 8:00- A-C

8:00- 8:15- D-G

8:15- 8:30- H-K

8:35- 8:50- L-P

8:50- 9:05- Q-T

9:05- 9:20- U-Z

6th Grade (Alphabetically by Last Name)

9:30- 9:45- A-C

9:45- 10:00- D-G

10:00- 10:15- H-K

10:15- 10:30- L-P

10:30- 10:45- Q-T

10:45- 11:00- U-Z

Wednesday, April 21st- Picture Day for Virtual Learning Students '

To make an appointment for your child to get their picture taken (Virtual Learners ONLY) on Wednesday, April 21st between 12 PM- 6 PM, please click on the following link:

LMS Picture Day for Virtual Learners

Thursday April 22nd (7:45 AM-11:00 AM)- 7th Grade and In-Person Make-ups

7th Grade (Alphabetically by Last Name)

7:45- 8:00- A-C

8:00- 8:15- D-G

8:15- 8:30- H-K

8:35- 8:50- L-P

8:50- 9:05- Q-S

9:05- 9:20- T-Z

In-Person Make-ups

9:30-11:00 AM- An announcement will be made for make-ups

** If your child is in 7th grade and you know in advance that they will not be present in school on Thursday, April 22nd, please let me know in advance so we can get their picture taken on Tuesday, April 20th.

Wednesday, April 28th (2:00 PM- 6:00 PM)- Picture Make-up Day

If your child missed the opportunity to get their picture taken between April 20th-22nd, please use the following link to make an appointment on Wednesday, April 28th. The April 28th make-up day is for all students, virtual or in-person. Our goal is that 100% of our students get their school picture taken.

LMS Picture Day Make-ups

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March "Students of the Month"

6th Grade

Kendall Barr

Timothy Barrett

Jaxson Beish

Carson Boarts

Dakkota Bradley

Brianna Canter

Owen Caraballo

Justin Hoover

Cooper Makovsky

Evan Porter

Kaylee Puckett

Zachary Rex

Arianna Turner

7th Grade

Layla Beebe-Cunnigham

Mackenzie Cahall

Joshwa Cordell

Marcella Cordrey

Morgan Ege

Kole Hagey

Trinique Harcum

Jada Knight

Keegan Kuechler

Jayden Laurenfant

Marvin Lopez Paz

Leah Mitchell

Nairoby Perez

Keily Perez-Reyes

Joshua Rampmeyer

Kyle Reed

Linda Ridgell

Matthew Thornton

8th Grade

Dylan Black

Connor Christopher

Jairo Chun-Diaz

Cearra Fogle

Irendira Fuentes-Lobaton

Melina Garcia-Escalante

Ethan Hedge

Morgan Knott

Cheyenne Lanning

Patric Leneski

Jimere Massey

Marisela Miranda

Aubrey Moore

Cameren Peter

Jason Wilson

8th Grade Proof of Residency- Repost

Letters regarding submission of an updated proof of residency are being sent home with in-person 8th grade students and mailed out to those who have remained virtual.

Below are acceptable proofs of residency. Documentation must be one of the following (copies, not originals):

• A copy of your electric, propane gas or oil bill from within the past six months showing your home address

• A complete copy of your lease or rental agreement signed within the last year showing your home address

• Documentation of home ownership (for example, property tax bill or mortgage statement)

Students/parents/guardians may send their proof of residency to me electronically at

Documentation must be received by June 1, 2021.

No student will receive a schedule at North Caroline High School until we receive and approve the current proof of residency.

Open Enrollment- Repost

Enrollment Process Begins Online for All New Pre-K through 12th Grade Students

PowerSchool Online Enrollment (Spanish) is now open for registration of all new pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students for the 2021-2022 school year.

PowerSchool Online Enrollment is a secure platform that allows parents/guardians to securely enter their child’s information into an online database. New users begin by using their email address to create an account and then proceed through the process. Families without access to a device or the internet may contact the school for assistance.

If an in-person visit is needed, schools will use the information provided in PowerSchool to call families and schedule an appointment to complete the enrollment process.

For more information about the enrollment process, please visit the Enrollment-Attendance page.

New Kindergarten Students: All children whose birthday is on or after September 2, 2015, and on or before September 1, 2016, are required by Maryland law to begin kindergarten in September 2021.

Pre-Kindergarten (4 Year Old) Registration and Screening requires a two-step process to request enrollment. Families with children whose birthday is on or after September 2, 2016, and on or before

September 1, 2017, may request their child be enrolled in pre-kindergarten classes that begin in September 2021.

Step 1 – Registration: Online registration will begin in April. Families without access to a device or the internet may contact the school in April for assistance with registration.

Step 2 – Screening Day: By appointment only on the days specified below

Families must contact the child’s school to schedule a screening appointment. Vision, hearing, speech and language, and early learning skills will be informally assessed, and take approximately 30 minutes.

Screening Days by School:

May 5 – Denton & Ridgely students at Denton Elementary, 9:00-3:00

May 12 – Federalsburg & Preston students at Federalsburg Elementary, 9:00-3:00

May 19 – Greensboro students at Greenboro Elementary, 9:00-3:00

Regional Pre-Kindergarten (3 Year Old) Program: For children who meet the eligibility requirements, the Regional Pre-Kindergarten 3 programs provide an inclusive environment. Interested parents should call the appropriate school to receive information and an application. For detailed information, please visit the PreK & Kindergarten page on the CCPS website.

News from the LMS School Based Health Center (SBHC)- Repost

LEAP Into Spring!

Finally, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing! We are heading into the Spring season with all its fresh breezes and……POLLEN!! Springtime allergies can be quite a health issue for many.

There is always a first time to experience allergies. A person can go many years without the annoying symptoms of watery eyes, stuffy, drippy nose, cough and the misery some experience. Then suddenly one season, they finally have symptoms! Most, though, develop allergies in childhood or early adulthood.

Along with sneezing, runny nose, cough, and ear “popping” sounds, did you know that allergies can cause you to feel tired, make you irritable, and cause trouble sleeping? That affects work and school performance!

Love the outdoors in Spring? Rinse off and shampoo after the day’s adventure. Washing your outdoor clothing after use will also help. If you sleep with a pet who spends time outside, wipe them down with a damp towel first – or even give a regular pet bath- this will help to safeguard you.

Thankfully, researchers have created medications that can help. “Allergy” nasal sprays are ones that land right where all the action is – inside your nose! Applying the spray there, helps to stop the body’s response to pollens. These sprays are best used every day and not just when you feel stuffy. In fact, a good plan of action is to begin them several weeks BEFORE the season is in full swing!

Rinsing your nose with saline nasal sprays can help to remove sticky pollen particles. “Allergy” pills have also been created to help your body respond to all of the pollen floating around. These allergy products now are sold Over-the-Counter, meaning you do not need a prescription. The pills and the sprays can be taken alone, or together.

Trees are already budding in our area, and it’s time to plan your defense! As is always recommended, consult your Healthcare Provider for your individual allergy concerns.

Be wise, strategize! And take a healthy leap into Spring this year!

Lockerman Middle School Based Health Center 410-479-3075

Mon/Wed 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM & Fri 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Kelly K. Davis, MSN, FNP-C, CRNP

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A Message from our School Nurse- Repost

Attention 6th Grade Parents-

Letters were sent home last week to 6th grade students who need proof of Tdap and Meningococcal vaccines before entering the 7th grade. It is a state requirement that students have these vaccines before entering the 7th grade. If parents received a letter, they need to make an appointment with their child's provider to get their child immunized and send in proof to the school nurse or their child will not be able to attend in person learning starting the 2021-2022 school year.

Summer School Opportunities- Repost

We are looking to offer summer school opportunities to many of our students. As we develop our summer school plan, we are looking to see what students may be interested in this opportunity. Your response to this survey is simply to gauge interest and at this time is not a commitment.

* Dates- June 21 - July 29, 2021
* 4 days per week
* Elementary School- 9am - 3 pm
* Middle/High School- 9am - 12 pm
* Additional support for Special Education and EL students

Transportation and lunch will be provided.
Please complete one form for each child.

We realize this year has been challenging and look forward to the opportunity for additional in-person learning time. Please complete the form below if you are interested in your child attending CCPS summer school.

Summer School Opportunities for Students Survey

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