The Boy On The Wooden Box

By: Leon Leyson

Leyson is a young boy who lives in a smal village with his family. They overheard people in there village say that the Nazis are coming to take them away. While they are pack to leave, they hear that the Nazis are almost there. When they are finished packing, they run out the door and start to go somewhere else. while they are walking the nazis catch them and take them to a concentration camp. Leyson sneaks out to see his mother every night, but he can't find his father. His father was taken to a war material factory, where they make war equipment. He wants his family there with him, so Oskar Schindler puts his family on the list and they are taken to the factory. Oskar Schindler is nice to the family because Leyson's father is the best worker. Leyson is to small, so Oskar bring him a wooden box to stand on. The Nazis don't like the family working together so they talk to Oskar, but Schindler doesn't let them go. A couple days later Oskar Schindler lets them go and they are safe from the war and are safe from concentration camps.

You should read it because its a page turner and it gives you LOTS of facts.