Personal Type: True Colors

Sara Calloway

Overview of my color

The Orange personality type is for people who are witty, charming, generous, and bold. They like sports and are competitive. They are also optimistic, immediate, and eager.
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Childhood and Relationships

The orange personality type learn better by doing and experiencing than just reading and listening. They need physical involvement in the learning process and are motivated by their own competitiveness. Also, in relationships they like to get big gifts to make people happy. They seek relationships with shared activities and interests.
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People with orange get bored with routine jobs. Such as getting up every morning, getting ready, going to school, and then going home and going to sleep. They are usually natural performer's. Also, people that get orange may also like careers that give them independence but also like having their tools.
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Leadership Styles

Orange might expect quick actions and might welcome change. They might also have a flexible approach on things and may expect people to "make things fun". They might also be performance oriented.
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Symptoms of a bad day

Orange people might experience rudeness and defiance and they may also break the rules intentionally. They might use stimulants or act out and run away. Some actions they encounter are lying and cheating or physical aggressiveness. People that find themselves in this category might act out.
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Thoughts of my color

Some thoughts on my color is that not every trait relates to me at all. For example, in the symptoms of a bad day I would never use stimulants or act out and run away. I'm also definitely not performance oriented. Also, under the having a bad day traits is that I don't get physically aggressive. Some traits that do sound like me are I do get bored with routine jobs such as going to school or that I learn better with doing rather than just reading. I also love sports and I am very competitive. Some of the many jobs that would fit this personality best could be a criminal investigator or veterinary assistant. This color might affect you positively by giving you the independence that want but at the same time giving you the tools you like to have. Some negative outlooks of jobs like these you might not get all the tools needed to be successful or the job might be a bit boring after doing the same things everyday.
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