The Republic


What is "The Republic"?

The Republic is a book of Platos, it was published in 360 BC, this book talks about justice, forms of the government and political systems such as kings ruling, guardians keeping the law enforced, and farmers, merchants, craftsmen, and common people doing their jobs to keep the towns running.

Plato believed that kings should be elected differing from Egypt where people believed Pharos or kings got power from the gods. He also believed that a good king is one that lets the people do what they please but not let it get out of hand, he believed that a state with people all doing their parts is a healthy state.

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How did Plato Contribute to Society?

Plato changed the way we live today. We use many laws based on The Republic. The government and free rights is because of Plato and The Republic. The book also inspired some books such as the Wizard of OZ.

Why Was The Republic Important?

The Republic was important because it gave people an idea of a fair government. And most of the government laws we have today are based on Platos rules. And wonder, what would we be like today if it weren't for Platos thoughts?

6 Interesting facts

1st Fact

Plato taught Aerosotile.

2nd Fact

The book The Republic inspired many other stories such as The Wizard of OZ.

3rd Fact

Platos teacher was Socrates.

4th Fact

Most of the laws we use today are based on The Republic.

5th Fact

The king of the state read Platos idea and brought it to life.

6th Fact

Plato discovered some of the math that we use today such as standard algorithm.

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This is Socrates