The Printing Press and Its Effect

The printing presses effect on literacy - By Mason Cook

The Creation and Evolution of The The Printing Press

  • The origin of the printing press was invented in Germany in 1440.
  • It was invented by Johannes Gutenberg.
  • It had made its way all cross Europe by 1500
(The Impact of The Movable Type Printing Press, The Printing Press and Its "Impact" on Literacy)

The Spread of The Printing Press

  • In 1450 there was only one printing press
  • The printing press became mobile and made its way through Europe
  • The printing press was a major change in the news and literacy works, mainly because many people had to hand write a book if they wanted to make a copy.
  • The machine was created to enable the rapid creation of books throughout Europe.
(The Printing Press and Its "Impact" on Literacy)

Quick Facts

The Diffusion of Columbus's First Letter

  • Columbus's First letter arrived in 1493 in Lisbon.
  • With the printing press the Columbus's first letter spread throughout Europe From Country to Country
  • It was even translated into Spanish at one point
  • In Rome it was made into 4 different editions, they were able to create son many because of the number of printing presses located in Rome making everything a lot easier than handwriting everything out.
(The Printing Press and Its "Impact" on Literacy

The Impact of The Movable Type Printing Press

The Diffusion of Columbus's Letter Through Europe 1493-1497)

Created By Mason Cook