The Triple Threat


Purchasing the Next Big Thing

'The Triple Threat' will not only become a new & innovative ride for your park goers to travel through but ultimately boost your sales for your entire park. With its intriguing loops, hills, and THREE drops; riders of all ages are sure to enjoy!

The Ride

Picture waiting in line for hours, only to eventually get to the top of the mother of all roller coasters 'TTT'. Your anticipation is just flowing throughout you as you watch the passengers fly down and around through this mechanical contraption that you are about to take on. Finally, it's your turn to get locked in for the ride of your life. Your feet dangle below you and suddenly your stomach drops. A couple turns and hills later you find yourself flying through a tunnel, that eventually evens and starts to decline at a 10 degree decline. Just when you think you are about to be able to breathe again, you suddenly drop again, and again, AND AGAIN. You then find yourself upside down, along with the pure adrenaline pumping out of you. Back to the side walks and the rest of the the theme park, you step out of the 'TTT' and think to yourself "Now that was a rollercoaster!"

Breaking the Norm

Guaranteed For Safety

Keeping Your Riders Safe is our Top Priority!

Performing thousands of test runs through all stages of the building of 'The Triple Threat' we ensure the safety of all persons who decide to embark on this rollercoaster

We are 'The Triple Threat'

Maddie Hawes, Claudia Wagner, Denise Van Veldhuizen, & Ally Siegert