Research Infographic

Marie Termini

How to gather relevant information from print or digital sources,

You could go to the library and find news articles, story's, and more. You could also get online and research information by using online encyclopedias.

How to use search terms/keywords effectively in finding information,

When you are using keywords in a search you are taking specific and important words and putting them in our search.

How to decide whether a website or resource is credible and accurate,

You can know whether a website or resource is credible and accurate by looking at the URL for example. .com's are not always the best option but you know the source is more credible than it was a moment ago if the URL is .gov or .edu. You could also see if the source is credible by seeing what date the article was published. If the thing you are looking for is something or someone that just happened recently, then a more recent article is better, but if its something or someone that was from a while ago then an older source is best. You may also look at the author. If the author is someone named Piperluver200, then it's probably not the best source, but, if the author, for example, is someone named Alex Tyler.

The difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing,

The difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing is, Summarizing is thinking back to the whole article you read and writing a brief sentence or two about what the whole article was talking about. Paraphrasing is putting a paragraph into your own words. Quoting is when you take a sentence of the authors words, word for word, and put quotes around them. You must cite the author.

What plagiarism is and how to avoid it,

When you plagiarism it is like stealing. You take someone else's work or ideas and mark it as your own. Here are some examples of plagiarism;

- If you quote or paraphrase the source without citing it.

- It is also plagiarism if you do not use quotations.

There are so many other ways to plagiarize but since there are so many, I can't put it all. Here are a few ways to avoid plagiarism;

- You must take careful notes, which is the best way to avoid plagiarism.

- Another way to avoid plagiarism is to cite everything that you put in the paper that is from another persons work.

What MLA citation is,

MLA stands for;




MLA created academic writing. MLA gave bibliography the name "Works Cited" page. A bibliography is a list of all the sources cited. What is a in-text citations? The last name of the author and the page number/numbers from the paraphrase or quotation that was collected has to be in you text along with a reference needs to be on your works cited page.