4th Grade Collaborative Sculpture

inspired by the art of Isa Genzken

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Even though they will always be Husky's, it's almost time for the 4th graders say goodbye to Hyer. Just like an old hat, a too small pair of shoes, or a once favorite toy - all good things must come to an end.

To commemorate our fourth graders' year in art we'd like to create a collaborative sculpture that celebrates their childhood.

Please send your 4th grader to school with an item from home that they have 'outgrown'. These items will be used to create a sculpture to be displayed at our May 5th fine arts night. I would like for the kids to think outside the box and bring something other than a clothing item. Some good ideas are an old shoe, an old toy, an old book, a piece of sports equipment, old play jewelry/accessories, an old hat, a used up art or make-up kit, computer cords and gadgets, etc.

Please don't send anything that you would like to save as a memento - the item should be something that you would toss in the trash or in a bag to go to goodwill. We will be nailing them to a structure, some things will even be painted, and they won't be returned.

Learn about artist Isa Genzken in the short video below.

4th grade Isa Genzken

Questions? Contact Ms. Dawkins