5th Grade News!

September 28th - October 2nd


If you are a father of a boy (or girl) and were thinking about chaperoning Pine Cove, PLEASE consider it! We are still short 3 males!

If there is a grandfather or uncle that is interested, that's fine too! They just have to pass the FISD background check!!!

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Wish List

  • Paper towels
  • Lysol Wipes
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We are getting into some "big kid" math this week looking at equations, expressions, and composing them! Then we will work our way into grouping numbers using the order of operations. Please do NOT show your kids PEMDAS or Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. I know that's how we were taught, but I have a reason!!! If we teach them that is the rule, then they will always think that Multiplication comes before Division, or Addition comes before Subtraction, and that's NOT true! Multiplication/Division and Addition/Subtraction need to be done from left to right! It CAN affect the answer that they get!

Homework: We officially have our Think Through Math Log-ins!!

Think Through Math - Complete 1 Lesson

*Sometimes students will get to "skip" a lesson if they make a 100% or only miss one question on the pre-quiz. If this happens. Have them move onto the next lesson. If they pass that pre-quiz as well, then they are good for the week :)

**I can see when students complete lessons, how long it took them, and what their scores are. Students took a placement test this week, and the lessons are designed for their needs based off of the results of that test. Some students have upper level lessons, others may have some 3rd and 4th grade level lessons. This is because their placement test showed gaps for certain concepts.


This week in writing we will continue working on our personal narratives!! Throughout the week, we are going to work on the brainstorming piece and organizing our thinking. At the end of week, we will work on adding emotion to our writing.

Grammar Focus: Complete subject and predicate

Homework: Study Spelling Words


1. effect

2. loose

3. express

4. audible*

5. audition*

6. audio*

7. crime

8. criminal

9. mine

10. mineral

11. type

12. typical

Challenge List

1. audience*

2. auditory*

3. auditorium*

4. audiology*

5. auditor*


This week we will finish up our Matter and Energy Unit. This week we will work on insulators and conductors. The students will learn what type of material transfers heat the quickest and what type of material keeps substances cold the longest. Our first CBA will be on Thursday.

HOMEWORK: Vocabulary words for Week 5

*When the students show me their vocabulary definitions, I will give them a link to a game to help them learn their words


This week in Reading we will explore myths from various cultures and describe the theme or "moral of the story". A myth is a traditional story that explains a belief or occurrence/phenomena about the world. We will also analyze historical fiction to determine theme and explain how a historical event can effect the theme. We will compare and contrast themes among various texts.

HOMEWORK: Read at least 20 minutes per night. Keep track in your agenda. A response will be posted on Tuesday. Please respond in your spiral.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we will analyze and discuss the reasons for conflict between the American colonies and England. We will look at a series of rebellions that followed the introduction of new rules for the colonists, which later served as the causes of the American Revolution.




Intolerable Acts



Stamp Act

Townshend Acts

Volunteers Needed!

Looking for a way to volunteer at the school? The library needs your help. Come to the library volunteer orientation Wednesday, September 9 at 10:00 and see if it is something you might be interested in doing. No experience necessary! If you are not able to make the orientation, please email or call Michelle Mayo at mayom@friscoisd.org or (469)633-4086 and we will gladly set up a more convenient time for you.


In order for someone else to pick up your child, those individuals need to be added to your child’s emergency contact list. These additions can be made by emailing our Data Clerk, Rhonda, Cowlishaw: cowlishr@friscoisd.org

Dismissal changes:

This has also been asked a LOT this week: How do I change my child from a walker to a Carpool pickup (or whatever change they need): Changes need to be communicated by Noon! (This is also in the Parent Handbook)

Book Fair

Monday, Sep. 28th, 7:30am to Friday, Oct. 2nd, 3:30pm

Norris Elementary School, Frisco, TX, United States

Frisco, TX

Norris Now Performance

Friday, Oct. 9th, 2pm

Norris Elementary School, Frisco, TX, United States

Frisco, TX

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Monday, Oct. 12th, 9am-6pm

Norris Elementary School, Frisco, TX, United States

Frisco, TX