The Misfits

By: James Howe

Will the Gang of Five make it through their treacherous, first year of middle school, and how will they deal with all of the name calling. Read The Misfits to find out.

Book Cover Analysis By: Mason

Title Analysis

The author chose the title of the book “The Misfits” to tell us what the main characters are. The main characters Bobby, Addie, Skeezie, and Joe are called misfits because they do not fit in with anyone at their school. I believe James Howe chose the word misfit over something like outcast because misfit is a nicer way of saying it especially because the book is about name calling. And that is why the author chose “The Misfits” as the title of the book.

Book Cover Analysis

James Howe put a lot of things on the cover of the book. For starters the pins on the front and back show that the characters will be running for school elections, because when running for anything people usually make advertisements. The crossed out names in the buttons and the quote “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will break our spirit” tell us that the book will be about name calling. Finally the jean jacket tells us that the book is not to serious because, if it was more serious it would be something like a dress shirt or a suit jacket not a jean jacket. James Howe put a lot of things on the cover of the book and those were the things and reasons he put them on the cover of the book.

About the Author By: Marissa

James Howe is the author of ninety books for young readers. He won an award for The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award. This is an award for the recognition of one new American children's book. He also wrote a book you may have heard of called Bunnicula. This book is an award-winning bestseller. James Howe was a literary agent but then quit his job to become a full time writer. He also wrote a whole series to The Misfits: The Misfits, Totally Joe, Addie on the Inside, and Also Known as Elvis. The Misfits has inspired the national movement known as No Name-Calling Week. Today James lives in New York with his husband, Mark Davis.

Summary By: Lauren

What do four twelve year old students, one who works as a tie salesman, a boy who comes out of the closet, an outspoken nerd, and kid branded as a hooligan all have in common? Bobby, Joe, Addie, and Skeezie have been friends for years, but have also always been the target for every bully. The Gang of Five have been called names their whole lives, and now that they are in middle school they want it to end. It all started when Addie wanted to start a third party to run for student government. The Gang of Five started off with the idea of having the Freedom party. But Ms. Wyman and Mr. Kiley thought that they were running for the same reasons as the other parties. Due to this, Bobby came up with the No-Name party. They all agreed that it was a great idea, so they made a list of all the names they were called. Then, they made posters, spread the word, and all ran for a position on the ballot. The last thing they had to do was write an election winning speech to win over the schools vote. Do you think Bobby will present an election winning speech or crack under the pressure? Read The Misfits to find out if the Gang of Five won or lost the election.

Cast of Characters By: Jacob

Skeezie Tookis is a person who does not really care about the future. He does not want to get married and does not even like anyone at all! A lot of people think he is a troublemaker. It is almost like he has caused trouble before he even steps into a room. He also has a love for food, because whenever the Gang of Five have a forum, he always complains about the poor service.

VIdeo Clip By: Jaden

This video clip relates to the book, The Misfits because it takes place in a middle school and there is bullying. The book is based on a group of friends that have been called names most of their lives and they try to put an end to it. I can relate to the book and the video because in my school I see people that get called names and I stick up for them. In the book, the gang of five changes the point of view for name callers. I am trying to make a difference in my school.

The Misfits Trailer