Pride and Prejudice

Love Poems, Book review, and Comic Strip.

Love Poems

Dong Luu

English IV


14 November 2013

Love Poems

-Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth

“Your eyes so captivating

Sparkling like the starry night sky

Mesmerizing me with your bright warm smile

Unable to look away,

I fall deeper in love as time goes by.

My Feelings for you overfly whenever I think of you,

Making me smile like a fool.

Nothing else would make me happier

If you reciprocate my feelings I have for you

Will you marry me?”

-Mr. Bingley to Jane

“Love at first sight was what I experienced,

When you caught my attention from the crowd,

You have easily captured my heart,

Blissfully enjoying our time together,

Ignoring everything else,

we fall deeper in love for each other,

Though my friends and family oppose of this,

My love for you will not end

As we part ways due to our status,

My heart aches to see you.”

Book Review

Dong Luu

English IV


14 November 2013

Evaluation: Book review

My opinion on Pride and Prejudice is that it is a great book. The story is very interesting as you continue reading. The characters are nicely done, especially the main characters since they develop as you continue reading: an example is how Darcy changed from being cold to a really kind man. I recommend this book to high school students and above since there are some words and contexts that are difficult to comprehend. Why people should read this book is that it teaches a good lesson: such as you shouldn't judge someone from just first impression of them. The book also teaches about society back in the days where women have to marry someone in order to survive, and inequalities.

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