Scientific Revolution

Chance H. 3rd

What Was The Change ?

Scholars Replaced Old Assumptions With New Theories, They Launched A Change In European Thought That Historians Call The Scientific Method. It Was A New Way Of Thinking About The Natural World.

Who Were The People Associated With The Change ?

The People Associated With The Change Were :

Nicholaus Copernicus

Galileo Galilei

Isaac Newton

Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler

While Copernicus and Galileo often receive the credit in the popular imagination, it was Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) who discovered and demonstrated that the Earth orbits the Sun.

How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time ?

The scientific revolution is a new way of thinking about the world that challenged traditional views and instead relied upon experimentation. New ways of thinking led to remarkable discoveries during the Scientific Revolution. Before the scientific revolution scholars relied on traditional authorities for beliefs about the structure of the universe. Geocentric theory Aristotle , Earth center of the universe , planets revolved around the sun. Ideas upheld by church accepted authority for European Intellectuals. During the Scientific Revolution scholars began to challenge traditional authorities during the 1500's. They posed theories to develop procedures to test new ideas. It led people to question the church inspired great artistic achievements ; led to new ideas about government, religion, education, and economics

How Is That Change Evidence In Today's Modern Society ?

That change is evidence in today's modern society because if it wasn't for the scientific revolution , we wouldn't look at the world in different ways. We wouldn't question any traditional beliefs and by not doing that most of modern day societies technology, beliefs, etc . . wouldn't be how it is now. By not questioning anything then we would just agree with everything. Meaning if the theory or belief is wrong we wouldn't have no way of knowing because we didn't question anything and just went along with it.