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Mrs. Edelman and Mrs. Block's Weekly Newsletter

February 1 -5, 2016


This week in Literacy we read SO many 100th Day books! On Monday, we started out our week reading 100th Day Worries. We loved making the connection that the child in the book was bringing in 100 items, just like we were! We also read I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words. This book went perfectly with our poem, 100 Animals. On Tuesday, we got to actually split up into groups and illustrate this silly poem and put it together as a class book. We also read Jake's 100th Day of Kindergarten and Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of School. Many of us remember reading about Miss Bindergarten's class on the first day of school. We couldn't believe we had already made it to the 100th day!

We made beautiful crafts, like creating portraits of ourselves at 100 years old and a glyph showing our excitement for the 100th day of school. We also wrote a lot about the number 100. On Monday we wrote about an item we would want 100 of and what we would do with them! Some of us said we would want 100 cookies to eat and 100 puppies to cuddle with. On Tuesday, we wrote about something we want to do before we turn 100! It was so wonderful to see some of our friends writing that they wanted to spend time with their families before they turned 100.

100th Day Mystery Bags

We had so much fun hearing each other's clues and trying to guess what they brought in their mystery bags. It was amazing to see how many different things were brought in. Here's our list:

Beni: Lego People

Emma: 100 crayons

Charlotte: 100 hairbands

Shani : 100 smarties

Rebecca: 100 Hershey Kisses

Halle: 100 cotton Balls

Owen: 100 m&m's

Matilda: 100 straws

Jette: 100 Sweethearts

Maya: 100 beads

Nava: 100 flashcards

Jake: 100 pieces of candy corn

Charlie: 100 Legos

Jacob: 100 Spiderman Stickers

Jack: 100 cocktail umbrellas

Liam: 100 Legos

Emme: 100 pieces of bubblegum

Sydney: 100 nickles

Great counting everyone!!!


The number 100 can be so much fun! We spent our week playing lots of games with the number 100. We started the week by each graphing 100 m&m's. We gave each student a bag of 100 m&m's. The children had to sort, graph and tally their candy. It was good to watch them decide the best way to count. Would 5's be better or 10's? They did a really wonderful job. On Tuesday, we read a poem called "100 Animals", the children then worked cooperatively to create our very own classroom book also called "100 Animals." Each child will be bringing home a copy of the book to share with you. Next, we thought it would be fun to make a cupcake with 100 sprinkles. The children had to use a hundreds chart to design their sprinkles and create the perfect recipe for a Yummy 100th Day Cupcake. After all that hard work, we thought it was most appropriate to decorate a real cupcake and enjoy! Finally, we worked together to combine 10 different snacks and create a delicious 100th Day trail mix. It was certainly a very good week of munching our way through the 100th day:)

Birthday Book Parties

Our birthday book parties for students with birthdays in December-March are coming up soon! For grades Mechina-2, the party will be Tuesday, Feb. 23. For grades 3-5, the party will be Wednesday,Feb. 24. Both parties will be before school, 7:45-8:20 a.m. Our honorees will select and check out a new book for the media center collection. We also will serve a light breakfast of fruit, (nut-free and parve) mini-muffins and water. Parents are always welcome to attend!

For questions regarding the muffins, please contact Dolce Catering and Bakery, 770-451-3065.

If you have not yet ordered a birthday book for your child, It’s not too late.

Follow this link to the order form:

Follow this link to order on-line:

If we have processed your order, you should have received an email acknowledging your order.

Upcoming Dates

-February 4: 100th Day of School

-February 5: 101st Day of School - Please join us for a special Shabbat singing

-February 10: Field Trip to Temple Emanu-El

-February 12-15: Mid Winter Break

-April 14: 12:00 - 1:15: Our Classroom Seder

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