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February 10, 2016

Happy 22nd Week of School!

Please read the district & campus news below. As always, let me know if you have any questions or would like to meet.

Name & Needs Meetings

Meeting Dates:

1st Grade – February 16th
2nd Grade – February 17th
3rd Grade – February 18th
4th Grade – February 22nd
5th Grade – February 23rd
Kinder – February 25th

*You will receive an email with the names of students who will be discussed at Name & Needs. Please bring 8 copies of each completed Student Information Sheet to the meeting. This will allow each person in attendance to view and discuss the data. The Student Info Sheet will be provided to you by your team leader and can also be found on the Staff Website under IC Resources, Name & Needs.


2nd Grade PD - February 11th (3:00-4:00)
Please register in Eduphoria Workshop.
We will be using Moodle as our PD platform. This will allow the entire team, as well as other support staff, to participate in the learning. They will be sending handouts for the PD via email to anyone who is registered in Workshop. (The PD will be recorded so others can participate at another time if needed.)

3rd Grade PD - February 19th
They will be offering several different time options that will be shared soon.

2nd Grade - Engaging Mathematics
We just received a new Engaging Mathematics book. It will be added to the professional library and then given to your team.


5th Grade PD - Friday, February 12th (7:20-8:20)

Admin Building Training Rooms
Please bring a way you are using data from the pre-assessments and be prepared to share with others. This is a time to learn from others and CELEBRATE what is going well!


Please register for the district Math and ELAR PDs. You can find the PDs listed in Eduphoria Workshop by date. The first person to send me an email that says February will get a drink from Sonic. Please see the PD calendars to find your grade level's dates.

Math PDs:

February 11 - 2nd grade
February 19 - 3rd grade
February 25 - 1st grade
March 22 - Kinder
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Happy Valentine's Day from Hayden!

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