Join Camp-Half Blood

(Only if you are half human-half blood)


In camp half blood we do many activities during the day. Like capture the flag it's done to train you for battle. Here in camp it's mostly just training but some times we have to go into battle. Sometimes the greek monsters find a way into our camp like the minotaur Percy fought him. His trophy was the dropped horn from the dead minotaur


Monday, May 9th, 10:45-11:30pm

Camp half blood

Their will be archery practice the person that gets the most accuracy shots. Will win a tour in mount olympus and they will meet all the gods. (including their parent)

When nothing to do

When there is nothing to do in camp half blood you can practice and make your skills better. For example maybe try and get better aim or try and learn new skills and how to manuever a sword.

Best swimmer

Tuesday, May 10th, 9pm

Camp half blood

We will have a competition between which god's son is better at their swimming skills. We will not allow any son's of daughters of poseidon because they are the gods of the sea so their swimming is better than any other god.


Grover is a protector and he will make sure that if you are a half blood, he will get you to our camp in no time. Message will only be readable if you are a half blood normal people will see a different post.


Protectors are people that make sure that you get to our camp unharmed and will give their life's to let you get to the camp safely.