The Life Of My Grandma, Ren Gui Lan

By: Jenny

Marriage & Life

My grandma is a normal woman and she met my grandfather in 1972. They got married at the end of 1972. She and my grandpa had an arranged marriage. A friend told them to meet each other and get married. Soon, my mom was born, in 1973 February 9.Not long after, there was an earthquake. It was the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. It started in Tangshan, and then to Beijing, Tanggu, and finally in Hangu. 242,769 people died in the area around Tanggu. (My grandma lives in Tanggu.)After that, my aunt was born on 1977 February 3.


One year later, in 1978, my grandma decided to work. My grandma worked at Tanggu No.5 line, which was an architecture company. She was a tailor for the workers of that company. But now the company’s building has changed into a flea market


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My Family Tree

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