March 3-7



Language and Literacy:

  • In Letterland this week we will study 'Bb' (Bouncy Ben) and review 'l' and 'f'. We will manipulate these letter sounds at the start, end, and within words. Correct handwriting format will be taught and practiced for both the lowercase and capital 'Bb' as well. A few letter formations will be practiced: d, e, g, m, p
  • Students will read and have read to them insect themed books. We will focus on the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.
  • A caterpillar replica will be made to organize parts of the story (character, setting, plot-beginning, middle, and end).
  • Students will make a a mini book retelling the story of the hungry caterpillar by writing missing words within sentences and illustrating the pages.
  • We will read and write sight and CVC words from the story to complete comprehension sentences that recall facts about the story.
  • Syllables help students read and write words by making 'chunks'. They will learn how to identify the number of syllables in a word.
  • Sight Words: big

Social Studies

  • The United States will be studied in more detail, by state, as we receive post cards from friends and family. For each state, we discuss landforms, US regions, cities, and ways of life unique to the state's weather and landscape. Beginning this week we will Skype people in different states!
  • We will compare different types of the insects to determine individual differences within a particular type of animal. We will compare characteristics of living and nonliving things in terms of their structure, growth, changes, movement, basic needs.


  • Estimate and measure length and width with nonstandard units of measure.
  • Addition (combining numbers): Represent with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations up to 5.

Breakfast Week

As we acknowledge National School Breakfast Week, students are encouraged to eat a delicious breakfast in our cafeteria. There are prizes for those who participate. It is very important for our students to eat breakfast each day, whether it is at home or school. Friday is "Bring a Friend Day" when you or a family member are invited to join your child for their morning meal before the school day begins.

Read Across America

Monday is Read Across America Day when Dr. Seuss and his writings will be celebrated. Mrs. London is inviting everyone to dress in their pajamas Monday as we will participate in the creative activities she has planned for the school.

Postcards in the Mailbox

The postcards and packages for our USA mapping project continue to arrive! Refer to the USA map in your child’s daily communication folder to help keep track of the States we receive post cards from over the next few weeks. We will check off each state at school so that you can locate and color in the state with your student at home. Ask them to tell you about what they are learning!

Beaver Bucks

Positive self-motivation and work ethic are important skills our students need to learn and appreciate. To help encourage these academic values, students can receive a Beaver Buck for "respecting self". At the end of the month, one name is drawn from those who were awarded tickets. The student whose name is drawn gets to pick out one book under $5 from the Scholastic Book Club Magazine. This has created excitement for our students. I am overjoyed at the pride they are taking in completing effortful work at school.

Snack Schedule

March 3- Kylie

March 10- Trevor

March 17- Coy

March 24- Leftovers

March 31- Merrix

Miss Jenny's Kindergarten

Bethel Elementary- Room 111

"You're off to Great Places

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting,

So...get on your way!"

-Dr. Seuss: Oh, The Places You'll Go