BY:Christina,Michael,Jordan,Kendarius,Caleb,and Haley

The Up-Cycle

Up- Cycling is the process of turning recycled mitereal into useable products.


Examples of up cycled products are purses made from duck tape, heart shaped cans made from sprite cans, and decortive hanging flower pots made from light bulbs.

The wounderful creations

WOW! what creations

Easy fun

As you can see there are many fun and creative things to make with up-cycling. you can even start your own up-cycling process.So have fun with your creations.

Saving the world one step at a time

Up-cycling is a green movement as well you see up-cycling helps reduce wast by reusing the products you would usually throw away and its fun and helps reduce spending by making things you would usually buy at a store ...So get Up-cycling,reducing,reusing,and recycling.