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5 Reasons Reiki Is Not A Religion

Five Reasons Reiki Is Not A Religion

Five Reasons that Reiki is Not A Religion

While energy work such as Reiki is neutral, respecting all philosophies and belief systems, the fact that Reiki affects individuals in many deep, profound ways can bring up the deeply-ingrained patterns that surround religion. This can create in some people a religious response to the flow of Reiki within their being.

The religious response can, in turn, begin to create around Reiki the idea that religious icons and ideas “should” be included. But Reiki is not intended to be religious at all. In fact, its practice challenges us to rethink the almost automatic leap into religious ideologies when we feel deep inner shifts and changes.

The decades that I spent participating in religion showed me that there are deep, fundamental restrictions around religious practices. Though religion can be a structure to help people understand etheric and spiritual energy, restricting oneself to a specific religious code also restricts the flow of energy. This is because, once you have chosen to be a certain type of religion, only energies that agree with the human-made rules around that religion are deemed as “safe”. If you dare to step outside of those rules, you risk being deemed “disloyal” and losing the connection with that particular group of people.

And, since restriction of energy constricts the flow of energy through the body/mind/spirit, I have chosen not to affiliate myself with any religious creed, icons or deities. I also make my non-religious stance clear to my Reiki students and clients. This means I use “Source” instead of “god” since the word “god” conjures up many very specific images and definitions in peoples’ minds.

Usui and other Reiki teachers knew that Reiki was and is a series of healing and balancing universal energies that help us return to and remain in balance. These universal frequencies came to us to teach us—not the other way around. Though we humans have the opportunity to teach others about the frequencies of Reiki, that does not make us “in charge” or Reiki. Placing rules or expectations around Reiki (other than basic standards of respect and equality) restricts the flow of energy that is available (since Reiki respects the boundaries we set).

There are many reasons that could be stated about why Reiki is not a religion. Today, I will share five of them.

1) Reiki is Universal Lifeforce energy. I hope you can see from that statement that since ALL life, including the life of trees, plants, animals, crystals and stones, as well as people, is animated by Universal Lifeforce energy, that fact precludes the labeling of Reiki as having any specific religious affiliation. Universal Lifeforce flows no matter what belief system, if any, exists.

2) Reiki encourages the expansion of intuition and awareness. This means that, instead of limiting its interaction with humanity to any specific religious creed, Reiki encourages us to think outside of the box—yes, even any religious boxes that we have created. I have found in my life that working with energy often comes down to a choice: dare to look outside of what I thought was “right” and “proper” when it comes to a belief system, which in turn is often the catalyst for deep change, or remain “safely” inside of a religious or philosophical box and clear only part, or none, of my current issues.

3) Reiki reminds us that energy has no limits. Reiki II reminds us that we can go back to the past and heal issues that have already occurred, removing any restrictions in the present that remain. We can also expand into the future and send energy to an upcoming situation. Often, the only thing blocking freedom of movement in our present lives are beliefs that we “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do this or that. I am of course not talking about basic safety rules like obeying traffic laws. Or about honesty, integrity, compassion or other Universal Laws of Light. I’m talking about beliefs that limit our ability to shift our own energy. Many religions teach that we either “can’t” or “shouldn’t” make the decision to shift energetically. Which, in turn, leaves us bound to the decision of someone else, or a set of rules created to maintain a certain limited mindset. This is one reason that I see few deeply religious people in my Reiki classes. A fundamental teaching in many religions is that free-thinking is somehow sinful, and that limiting the being to a certain specific set of ideas is an expression of loyalty. Reiki, as neutral, Universal healing energy, simply asks us to move from a place of pain or restriction to a place where movement is possible. This movement has nothing to do with any religious philosophy, so can feel scary to those who hold deep, specific beliefs.

4) Reiki shows us how to read energy patterns. The Herd Mentality dictates that it is safer to be in a group of likeminded people instead of going it alone. Yet if we learn to read energy patterns, we no longer need the herd as much. This can be disconcerting to the herd. If fear wins out, the herd turns on those who dare to name the limitations. An example is the yearly “flu season”. Reiki often helps us to have the ability not to participate in this pattern of illness. Sadly, lack of participation in even illness patterns can trigger a fear response from the herd. This fear response can result in criticism, lack of trust, sometimes even severed relationships. If we approach life from a perspective of reading the energy around life events rather than jumping in and participating to avoid rocking whatever boat we happen to be on, we are often perceived as “not a team player”. The alternative, though, is to limit ourselves to what others have chosen to limit themselves to. While Reiki will respect our decisions, limitation is not the nature of Reiki. I have found that it is better to read and learn from the energy patterns than that alternative—to hold myself in a restrictive pattern.

5) Reiki challenges our definition of Source. In our world, there are many names for Source, or “god”. I have found it helpful to remember that fact, especially when people try to claim Reiki energy for any certain religion. What I have found when communing with Source is not a single being that we decide looks something like us. I sense a vast Presence that encompasses not only the myriad ideologies of how religion is defined in this world, but in all worlds as well as a tolerance for being defined in so many limiting ways. Also remember that, at our core, each of us, each of the animals, plants, and other beings on this and every other world, is Source energy. So to look outside of ourselves for: permission to heal, what and how to believe, which ideas are ‘proper’ and which are not, and so on, goes against the structure of what Source is.

I’m sure, after reading this, that you can think of many more ways that Reiki is not a religion. May you allow Reiki to flow freely in your life.


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The five elements connect us more firmly to the elements of creation and manifestation in our world as well as connect us more deeply to our own bodies. Each of the elements is connected to organs:

Fire = Heart & Small Intestine

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Air (Wood) = Liver & Gallbladder

Earth = Spleen & Stomach

By connecting to and becoming more aware of the interplay of the elements with our system, we can fine-tune the balance of our system and have 5 very powerful tools to use to do so.

The way the elements came down was through the connection with dragon energies and Q'uan Yin, who traditionally rides a dragon. There is a specific dragon guardian for each of the elements. The dragons can be called in to assist you with work in their element.

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