illegalizing abortion

What is the problem?

Abortion is increasing more and more as those who are getting pregnant at a young age. Those who don't take responsibility of themselves and their actions are out there thinking that this is a joke and don't think twice about what could happen and the consequence.

Why its a problem?

Those who are getting pregnant at a young age will more likely get an abortion. If the continuing is still occurring there is a chance it will happen again. Having an abortion isn't something you could play around with , its a serious problem that needs to decrease instead of increasing.

What you could do to decrease this problem?

Parents or the guardians should talk to their child at an age where they would understand what could happen during a certain stage. More communication in their life would be more supportive other than not saying nothing at all. If you get into a situation where someone takes advantage of you and you become pregnant abortion doesn't have to be the first choice there is always adoption.